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  1. Dont bother wait 2 days you got lucky
  2. Botting is never safe buddy
  3. Bot doesnt seem to place the traps just walks over the place where it should be putting them
  4. Yesterday I tried to open the tribot loader on my laptop but it just wont pop up. Tryed restarting my laptop but still nothing. Works fine on my desktop tho so thats a big strange imo. Anyone has a clue what I can do about this?
  5. Flagged IP and not using LG will increase the ban rate alot
  6. Enable light mode and disable grapics should help a fair bit
  7. Looks like the got the zulrah bots hard today.
  8. Thanks got it to work right away now!
  9. I can't seem to find the right java for LG. Could someone help me with this?
  10. Got my zulrah bot banned aswell while using a sock5 proxy. Account wasnt created on a proxy tho
  11. Worthy could you help me with my sig I can't get it to work
  12. Rip I lasted a whole 4 days of botting Was getting decent kill to death ratio aswell so im sad The ban hammer is real
  13. On the phase where the ranger spawns north after all 3 phases were from the beginning in the centre. It sometimes takes so long to stand on the right spot. And sometimes when it's already in a good spot it tryes to go to move to another spot anyway and just misses out on so many hits that it could have done.
  14. Worthy how are you gonne take care of the people that lost their shit due to a bug in the script? I can't use it like this knowing my stuff could go missing.
  15. lost my shit aswell nice 20 dollar script bro