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  1. judging by your sigs, your awful vocabulary, and the use of the word 'squid', you're fucking 12 or retarded.
  2. a couple ways this bot is fucking up. 1. When the bot has 4 or 5 unnoted soft clay left in its inventory it has the butler unnote 20 soft clay then resumes making tabs while the butler is gone. This is a good addition to the bot, but it fucks up. Sometimes when the butler gets back it uses more noted soft clay on the butler before the butler gets the chance to give you the 20 unnoted soft clay he already got, resulting in more down time. This issue not so major as it doesn't result in the bot completely shutting down. 2. This one is a flaw that needs to be fixed as when it happened the bot is rendered useless. Sometimes the bot clicks the lectern when its out of soft clay and just gets stuck on that tab screen. Those are the two that i've noticed that need to be fixed. Also, i noticed the bot is very susceptible to randoms completely shutting the bot off. Because of these three things, there's no way this bot can run over an hour without being baby sat. I've ran this bot for over 25 hours now, all of that time it needed baby sitting- that's no fun. I definitely expect more from a $25 bot, seriously... I understand your logic behind pricing it at $25, but it still should be a quality bot. Edit: found another bug. Sometimes when you get a random and the bot clicks on the lectern the bot can't do anything about it. It tries to click the random while the tab screen is up, resulting in it nothing absolutely nothing from there on until your bot dies or gets teled by that random. edit 2: sometimes when the butler is coming back with more unnoted clay and the bot already has some clay in its inventory. The bot clicks 'use' noted soft clay, then realizes it already has some unnoted soft clay in its inventory then clicks the lectern. It gets stuck here trying to use noted clay on the lectern.
  3. The bot definitely needs some work for a $25 bot. It fucks up way too often, I can't imagine it even running for an hour without needing baby sitting.
  4. Yea dude i want ur script, I assume ur afk. hit me up me up when ur back.
  5. When I bought the script it simply didn't work. But this scripter was more than happy to talk to me over skype pm's to help him fix any issues. 5/5 :[)
  6. Yea i just ran the bot and when someone tried trading me, it right click a random pile of people next to me and traded some random kid. It completely ignored the person trying to trade me. So i manually click on the trade. It traded the correct amount of gp even the though the guy kept removing and putting 1 back. But after the trade was done the ceased to auto type again. Currently very buggy, but he mentioned that, so I aint even mad.
  7. You should add gnomes. On the 2nd floor of the grand tree there's some right next to a bank. They don't give good gp/h at all, but the xp is 50-80k xp/h depending on ur lvl. On top of which they only do 1 damage per stun.
  8. I have'nt gotten an update for this bot since it stopped working yesterday morning....
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