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  1. It may be because of the update just before but when I run the script using servant method, it keeps trying to make tabs when there isn't any soft clay left and won't get the demon butler to get you more. Other method's still work though.
  2. If you don't mind waiting the extra few hours, just do cows on members world. I have only received 1 ban there ever out of my accounts.
  3. This thread just proves to me how many people don't run gold farms properly or who don't care. I only get a maximum of 2 accounts banned per week and I produce at least 20 accounts a week. Out of that entire graph, only about 10 accounts of mine have been banned.
  4. I never said anything about the bot being broken, I said that you guys freak out over anything Jagex have to produce. You do realize that there are thousands of bots running at one time right? If people are using break handlers properly then you'll realize that there are ALOT more bots in reserve as well. Jagex will never stop botting. The reason why I don't care is for every 10 accounts I make, only 1 account gets banned for the method that I do. I see so many ban threads and it's really because people don't think here. I'm not going to go into the whole "haha you got banned kid" bullshit because it's good business for me if gold farmers get banned because they don't know how to manage a gold farm properly. Until I start seeing an increase in account bans on my end, I'll actually believe the bullshit that comes out on these pointless threads. Doesn't matter. I see so much bullshit almost every day on these forums and nothing actually happens to me apart from 2 account bans maximum a week which is nothing to me. Until I see them actually ban my accounts, I'm just going to find these threads a waste of time.
  5. They would be watching NMZ a lot because of the high popularity of bots in the 1 zone making it a nice location to ban bots. There is really no "ban rate" unless you're going to add current bans into a statistic which doesn't help the current accounts.
  6. Oh here we go.. Another "we're done" thread. I remember when RSBots and RSBuddy shut down and everyone thought that was it and now look at us. From my experience with botting and that doesn't just include Runescape is that updates can break bots but they'll always come back.
  7. It's hit and miss really.. You'll either get banned or you won't with mining. I train mining on all of my accounts and none of them have been banned during training.
  8. Just be careful when turning a VPS into a proxy as a lot of cheap low end VPS's that come up on the first page of Google have already been used for botting and have had accounts banned. I'm not saying that you WILL be using a flagged IP, I'm saying that there's a risk.
  9. I'm pretty sure this is the bot but I'll post it anyway, every time the script runs for about 30 minutes, it stops saying maximum amount of instances have run when I'm only running 1 instance. I've been to the instance manager and have made sure that there is only 1 instance running. Is this happening to anyone else or am I not doing something right? @TacoManStan
  10. Hejj

    Mass ban data

    No one will share any detail on how their successful farm works for 2 reasons. Reason 1 is so that they can get maximum profits on their scripts without being in competiton with another 200 bots doing the same thing. Reason 2 is so that Jagex doesn't see a mass rate in this successful method so they can't find ways to ban people using the private method. Honestly speaking, it's actually so easy to avoid fresh accounts getting banned which is where most people mess up but I shouldn't have to explain it because it's literally right in front of your faces. Just put some effort into botting and you'll get somewhere for sure.
  11. Hejj

    So Jagex Messed Up

    Black screen on World 2 for everyone!
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