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  1. Your assumption is correct If the 2 licenses was meant to expire on the 20th, it will and the 5 licenses will expire whenever it is supposed too, e.g the 30th
  2. Make sure they are ipv4 - socks5
  3. Failed4life

    Paint Delay

    The "Client Paint Delay" is what you'd change to help reduce cpu usage. This however, also reduces script performance
  4. Runescape does not support ipv6. You must use ipv4 socks5 proxies
  5. Quite a high price lol, much higher than most gold websites
  6. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3166-nmagic/
  7. Botting is against the rules of the game. You chose to break the rules and got banned for it. No you cannot have your money back.
  8. None that are available, I also do not recommend botting rc on your main, you'd be better off paying someone to powerlevel it for you
  9. Failed4life

    nRogues Den

    You do realize you cannot bring any items or gear into the minigame. You should probably do a little more research before making yourself look like an absolute retard.
  10. Failed4life


    Seems like it could end up being a really awesome script!
  11. Failed4life

    nRogues Den

    Another amazing release by Naton! Never fails to dissappoint
  12. The issue you seem to be referrencing has nothing to do with the fact that you bought Naton's crab script . Your client isn't even getting past the initial loading process. Please post your "Client Debug" and "Bot Debug"
  13. Failed4life

    Pest Control?

    Well, Naton doesn't have a pest control script, but assuming you mean Netami's, I would go with Netami's Pest Control script.
  14. They are ones writen by himself. theholyone = THO
  15. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/130-scripter-application/
  16. Great to see, though you won't be able to charge for it until you become a "Premium Scripter"
  17. Note: I am NOT selling or providing Twitch Primes! ONLY LINKING YOU MUST PROVIDE PRIMES Twitch Prime Linking Service You provide RS Tut accounts - 200k Per Account Linked I provide RS Tut accounts - 600k Per Account Linked Discord: Failed4life#3370 Unique ID: 162656616380891136 T.O.S You may NOT log into any of the accounts during the Linking Process. You may NOT change account details during the Linking Process. I am NOT responsible for any BANS that may happen. By purchasing this service, you AUTOMATICALLY AGREE to ALL Terms of Service.
  18. aAgility is top tier, espeically with the amount of customization you can do, or record your own data. There is no reason to buy a private agility script, you'd be wasting money.
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