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  1. Mmmm bummer, after just the one day of testing the account I had prepped for abyss got ripped.. oh well , cant give you any more feedback, sorry!
  2. Death walk seems to be broken as well, it opens bank in lumbridge, withdraws glory and keeps right clicking the glory while the bank is still open
  3. Pouch repairing is still messed up for me https://i.gyazo.com/b7f1b78a84da3a1339008e714e32bede.mp4 [18:55:05] Script Stack Trace: [18:55:05] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [18:55:05] obf.kd.lB(rc:65) [18:55:05] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(wd:136) [18:55:05] scripts.AbyssCrafter.Abyss.run(Abyss.java:174) [18:55:05] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  4. https://gyazo.com/66992e01c5443040c107aa229a72670a
  5. Also, its still banking and grabbing a new food every trip, with the bring one food option selected
  6. Doing a bit more testing today, seems to be running well. I have noticed that when you run out of glories (in the bank) it will stop, even if you have a fully charged glory equipped. Is there a way to change it so it will only stop after it also uses the charges of the glory you have on? Also, can you add Shift-Click empty pouches? Or is this going to be a setting in the "Other Settings" tab EDIT: Just ran into an issue. After repairing pouches at the dark wizard is just idled. [14:23:11] Script Stack Trace: [14:23:11] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [14:23:11] obf.kd.lB(rc:65) [14:23:11] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(wd:136) [14:23:11] scripts.AbyssCrafter.Abyss.run(Abyss.java:177) [14:23:11] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  7. Ran it for about 20 minutes, 2 big things I didnt like were that when its banking (with always bring one food + keep stamina) it will deposit the food and stamina potion, and grab a new one of each every time. Rather then using the (3), (2), or (1) dose stamina it has already
  8. This script is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have ran this script for MANY MANY hours while it was in beta and I highly recommend it! Naton once again has outdone himself!
  9. Failed4life

    add sort by last update to repository

    The repository could definitely use some upgrades!
  10. Failed4life

    Pie's Rogues' Den

    Please update!!
  11. Failed4life

    When Starting DaxHunter..

    Upper left hand corner of Tribot Client. Click File -> Settings Scroll all the way down Uncheck "Enable Tribot Firewall"
  12. I've had accounts make it to 70s and get hit, 90s and get hit and one account to 99 without getting banned. So its really hard to say Do keep in mind that Blast Furnace is a very known goldfarming method, and is expected to have a high ban rate. I believe Naton has done an amazing job at minimizing bans however.
  13. Failed4life

    Einstein Path Recorder [Scripting Tool]

    Cool release!