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  1. EasyBlastMine beta

    Wow awesome release! I don't have an account that can test this but good work
  2. What does creating a script argument do vs not creating one? nvm i think i understand
  3. 72 Minging

    You'll make more money/hr mining addy in the members mining guild area. Should be around 200k/hr
  4. zulrah now more profitable than pre nerf!

    Damn I'm jealous, nice work on the plugin
  5. zulrah now more profitable than pre nerf!

    What're you using for the overlays?
  6. Refund

    Falcony hunting is hunting Kebbits. However, if you were looking for "Tracking" kebbit hunting, it does not support that
  7. I highly doubt it. If anything "Hamdog" probably talked with an impostor on skype
  8. Just got permanently banned

    What were u botting to get banned so quickly lol. Also you shouldnt be surprised to get banned. Botting is against the rules and it is impossible to be 100% undetectable, if you bot you will get banned sooner or later
  9. Incorrect log in after log out

    try deleting the .tribot folder and tribot and redownload
  10. Agility Sctript

  11. Caught

    That message is a generic message you get when banned for botting. If you care about the account, I'd recommend to not bot on it anymore
  12. Botting with the OSBuddy client?=

    You need VIP Extended and then you can use the Mirror client