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  1. Even if you met those restrictions, we are limited to 5 credits transferred per month . I think you should be able to get a refund
  2. Users can only send up to 5 credits every 31 days. Your only real option is either a scripter(who doesnt have this limit), or just sell the gold to someone/website for PayPal and buy the credits yourself
  3. $0.45/m? Are you insane lmao
  4. They're working on it.. Phase One was already released with Client Version 10.17_0. For now, the best way to add mass accounts to the client so you can use this easily is with Fluffees Ulitity https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3004-fluffees-tribot-utils/
  5. I don't have an answer to your question, but I highly recommend staying away from ProxyFish
  6. Stock and price updated! 1.5bil in stock, $0.62/m
  7. Naton releasing high quality scripts as always! Heres a nice little bit of help I wrote up for all of you curious what the minimum/easiest stat and quest requirements are for NMZ 20 Agility 36 Woodcutting 31 Crafting 10 Cooking 10 Fishing Vampire Slayer Mountain Daughter Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Lost City Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant RFD - Dwarf sub (for Dwarven rock cake)
  8. Current Stock: Message for Stock Current Price: $0.55/m Bitcoin or Paypal BTC will be required for larger orders or untrusted users! Paypal Accounts must be verified BTC Payments must wait for at least 1 confirmation I will not go first Discord: Failed4life#3370 Unique ID: 162656616380891136 Comment your Discord name after adding my Discord!
  9. I see in Phase 3 you will be adding back JSON and XML files, will you guys be including a way to quickly create cli args, or will we still have to rely on other sources for this? (e.g Google Drive Spreadsheet)
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