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  1. Current Stock: 350m Bitcoin or Paypal Paypal Accounts must be verified BTC Payments must wait for at least 1 confirmation I will not go first Discord: Failed4life#3370 Comment your Discord name after adding my Discord!
  2. I see in Phase 3 you will be adding back JSON and XML files, will you guys be including a way to quickly create cli args, or will we still have to rely on other sources for this? (e.g Google Drive Spreadsheet)
  3. If you plan to use it, keep in mind that it is not fully automated
  4. Launch tribot without the CLI Launcher so you can manually update tribot, then the cli should work properly again. Also, always remember to fully restart Tribot 2 times after it updates, or after any game update!
  5. Literally one of the GREATEST scripts ever made! I highly recommend to anyone that needs automation to their farm!
  6. Did a lot of beta testing This script works wonders!
  7. Pretty positive he already made that fix, ages ago
  8. Would it be possible to make it react to needing to eat faster? There's been multiple times where it gets far below the hp threshold I have set and it won't eat for a solid 10 seconds (abc2 eating disabled), often causing me to die
  9. When using anothers POH, can you make it cycle through the "Player List" a second time rather than just once? Very VERY often, it will fail to go to someones house that is online because they werent online the first time it tried (and itll end the script) If that makes sense Also, I'm having a repair armor issue if you start the script wearing the broken armor outside of someones POH, it will just idle Another issue I'm having occasionally If the host "Locked" their house, it will continuously try to enter their house instead of swapping to the next host on the list Here is the message
  10. Do you think you could add "mage only" mode to this as well?
  11. Use runelite, it runs much smoother than osbuddy ever did with LG
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