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  1. Failed4life


    Probably clicked one of those facebook OSRS Mobile ads
  2. Thanks for all your work @TRiLeZ
  3. Failed4life

    Botting in 2018 Questions

    1. In my experience, no LG does not make a difference 2. In some aspects, yes their detection is good. It definitely depends on what you are botting, but they definitely cannot detect as well as they claim. I have multiple accounts with over 20m exp in the skill they are botting, none of which have been banned a single time. 3. Definitely don't suicide bot. The only advice I can give here is take advantage of the break system
  4. Failed4life

    TRiBot Release 9.308_6

    Thank you good sir!
  5. Failed4life

    TRiBot Release 9.308_5

  6. Failed4life

    Tribot saying wrong java version

    Java 10 is not supported by tribot, Try Java jdk 8u102 https://filehippo.com/download_java_development_kit/69241/ Also, make sure to uninstall all other versions of java, except java 8
  7. Failed4life

    JWildyPrayer [250k + Xp/Hr][Cheap Prayer Xp][Pk Detection]

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Awesome release!!!
  8. Failed4life

    Rewie's Romeo&Juliet

    Nice release
  9. Failed4life


    Thanks for this!
  10. Failed4life

    Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    Gave it a test run on my main account. Worked perfectly, only took 4 minutes to complete the quest. However, when doing the tears of guthix minigame you should make it so it raises the camera all the way up. It left the camera in the lowest angle and had a hard time changing to different tear veins
  11. Failed4life

    Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    Awesome release!
  12. Failed4life


    With the upcoming changes to telegrabbing wine of zamorak, I'd highly suggest not getting this made yet
  13. Failed4life

    Can not run Tribot

    Uninstall all your java versions and download this one https://filehippo.com/download_java_development_kit/69241/