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  1. Today is Thursday, which means there was a Runescape update today. The client needs to be updated as usual
  2. No, but it'd help with being able to use dhide body for accuracy and for tanking when pkers try to get u
  3. Failed4life

    Thoughts on botting overnight?

    ~2am-12pm (noon)
  4. Failed4life

    Thoughts on botting overnight?

    Also, keep in mind to not bot overnight on update days (Wednesday night to Thursday morning)
  5. I know its not really "herblore" related, but it kinda fits in the combining things category I guess? Anyways, would you be able to add "Sulphurous fertiliser" making to this? For Hosidius favor
  6. Yes, but if u care about the account, I highly recommend not using it to bot zulrah
  7. Revs have no requirements other then high range or melee stats to secure the kills
  8. Failed4life

    Einstein's Miner - Probably the best Miner on TRiBot

    Grats on the release!! I'm sure the script is amazing as always