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  1. I had this problem for a long time, it was something to do with the java version. Ive forgotten how I fixed, play around with every java settings, try some older settings. Good luck.
  2. -snip- non vips cant do anything.
  3. Can you post an Up To Date version?? Many things have changes in 2 years, lots of files and folders renamed. Cant manage to view my own scripts following 4 different tutorials all 2-3 years old.
  4. ive done everything in all tutorials and it still doesnt show in script manager.
  5. sent a skype request.
  6. Selling Usa abby keys (3 of them) $10 ea

  7. doesnt work for caged ogres ):
  8. i could test on a few accs
  9. hows the banrate? havnt used this script in a long time
  10. had 4 running fine started 5'th tab, loaded to login screen, click start script. they all crashed saying that error message, gone back to single clients for now its now saying Error Loading Script: Main! i have other bots running the same script but now i cant start it anymore \= working now. \=
  11. multi tabs are very buggy, scripts wont start when more then 2 are running, max heap is 1024mb tried everything and it crashes, not going to use it if it cant support 3+ tabs ): lite mode. nope again got 4 bots running in 1 window then start script doesnt respond then the whole thing crashes. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space. using 407mb/1gb Doesnt Work. prison pete random is now broken. got an acc stuck in there if you hurry and reply quickly it might still be there to debug. *no class def found; obf/lb scripts are breaking saying obj/state/run errors >.> fml bots arent stable with this new update.
  12. very nice multi tab
  13. i think it idles outside of ruins, crafting runes at altar and walking back to portal. (fams script had the same problem idk about now though) add something like change camera angle/position and retry last mouse click if player position hasnt moved in 3 seconds or something \=