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  1. I had this problem for a long time, it was something to do with the java version. Ive forgotten how I fixed, play around with every java settings, try some older settings. Good luck.
  2. yeah ive done everything in that tut and other tuts multiple times nothing works. pasted script into scr/scripts and bin/scripts and it still doesnt show in the script manger.
  3. -snip- non vips cant do anything.
  4. Trying to set up eclipse with tribot BUT Nothing Works. followed 4 different tutorials all 2-3 years old, things have changed files/folders have been renamed and instructions no longer work. Post Up To Date Tutorials!!
  5. Can you post an Up To Date version?? Many things have changes in 2 years, lots of files and folders renamed. Cant manage to view my own scripts following 4 different tutorials all 2-3 years old.
  6. ive done everything in all tutorials and it still doesnt show in script manager.
  7. sent a skype request.
  8. so i made a new account last night and some troll got me banned. he says giving out starter gold t help people, alright so i end up taking 495k in a few trades from him say thanks heaps saved me effort and time since I had just restarted RS after 3 months or so of not playing. this is a fresh account. this morning log in and im perm banned. 1 offense 'gold farming'. wow gg.
  9. Selling Usa abby keys (3 of them) $10 ea

  10. **-Aug-2013 Macroing Goldfarmer (ban) Appealable View **-Aug-2013 Macroing Goldfarmer (ban) Appealable View So my main just got perm banned and im probly not ever going to play/bot rs or use this forum again \= was close to the front page, reached rank 43 overall, had 5 skillcapes 2 lvl 90 skills, 350-400M total farmed. Went through maybe close to 50 accounts in various scripts. I learnt alot form this forum and made some decent easy cash, Thanks Tribot
  11. doesnt work for caged ogres ):
  12. i could test on a few accs
  13. with melee does it camp near altar or does it only use pray pots?
  14. Paying $$ for this. lmk, wanna pump farm to 50-100. sick of manually doing it. some sort of php script or javascript addon. anything that works idc.
  15. hows the banrate? havnt used this script in a long time