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  1. What do you mean by a "hit predictor" As in for runescape?
  2. Single. Don't have time for that lol.
  3. Worked perfectly! Thank you so much
  4. There was never a source file in the scripts folder. I had to manually create one.
  5. Still can't get it to work Is anyone willing to use teamviewer to help?
  6. Within C:\Users\atkinspr\AppData\Roaming\.tribot I only have a "dependancies" and a "settings" folder. I'll go ahead and create the other two to see if it resolves the issue. I tried that, still nothing pops up when I try testing to see if the script is there. Obviously there's no real structure to the code yet, i'm simply just testing it to see if it shows up within my repository, which it fails to do. I've double checked basically everything and still can't solve the problem. Here's some pictures if that helps.
  7. I've basically followed every tutorial I can find and followed the setup on each video. For some reason when I make the script manifest I can't for the life of me get my scripts to show up when I go to test them. Any guidance on this? I'm willing to use teamviewer if anyone wants to help.
  8. Hi, For some reason the code doesn't want to compile correctly and i've followed all the directions in the first video. When I create the manifest and test it in Tribot nothing shows up when i start a script. Any advice? I've never used Intellij before, only eclipse but that shouldn't be an issue.
  9. 19, second year at engineering school
  10. Usually sites like this have worked fine for me in the past. I didn't buy from a trusted community member because I was looking for a speedy process where I could get gold within 10 minutes. (I didn't want to have to wait around on skype). However, I highly underestimated the time it would take to get the gold, it's now 2 days and counting haha.
  11. All I wanted to do was buy 8m EOC gp to buy a bond in order to play oldschoolrs while I wait out my 14 day ban. It's been 2 days and they still haven't given me my money.
  12. Ape Escape for the ps1
  13. You will only be banned for two days. When they refer to the ban expiring in one year, that means that it will be deleted from your history in a year and your ban meter will go back down to what it was before you got caught.
  14. No, I had a 14 day ban and half my exp rolled back in 2010. This offense was expired though so I guess you could say this is my "first" one.
  15. Just a heads up, was botting on my main at flesh crawlers using AIO Stronghold. I was not using any breaks and also was not gold farming. I assume it was only a 14 day ban since i've been a continuous member since 2006.