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  1. Amount: 20M Skype: iskimo6991 Payment Method: PayPal
  2. I'll buy a few masks, I tried PM'ing you but won't let me :[

  3. I'll buy a few sets.. pm me your skype thanks.
  4. How many bots can I run with Intel® Core i3 CPUE M 350 @ 2.27Hz 4GB of ram

  6. where can i find the bot for this? i don't see it in the forum?
  7. added you on skype
  8. Good to communicate with fellow Tribot'ers
  9. just sayin player auctions sells for 4$ per m and trusted site.
  10. mud staffs went up 2m in price since the release date of this bot LOL bots really do determine the eco
  11. script looks good, ever thought of making a stun/alcher?
  12. I Like the Smoke weed part
  13. perfect bot smooth, and strings perfect, the other bots fuck up on stringing. by far de bes.