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  1. Hello, just got back to rs. i've been botting for 10+ years so im not inexperienced, only been banned a few times, know what im doing. Just wondering how bot detection is currently in OSRS. Thinking about botting fletching/alching, any input?
  2. damn, had no idea about this rule :/
  3. making iron could you fix the bars/ph thing? just stays at 0, would be interesting to know, also add bars made if you could, thanks! EDIT: making steel bars, 60+ smithing. pretty good. anyone have a proggy doing adamantite bars?
  4. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: 8-4 What is you're Time Zone: central Do you have a 10M 07 Deposit to pay upfront( asking to work for the deposit results in a block): yes. What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: torso, quests, PC, and more. Have you added either of my Skype ( live:tmbgp ) ? : yes Why would you like to work for my services?: yes Do you agree to the TOS?: yes
  5. if you like dota so much then go play it and stop bashing a game because you dont like it. what makes you think you have the god above all opinion?
  6. Have bought over 55m from him, always trades quickly as soon as i pay, great seller!
  7. script working good now, thanks for the fix! EDIT: will this bank the herbs, watermelon, etc, that it farms? in canifis it will teleport there, rake a patch, teleport out, then teleport BACK and plant the patch, does this for the herb and flower patch
  8. noticed a bug when running from the ectofontus to the canifis herb patch, it will click in the cow area then the patch, then the cow area again and repeat. in catherby it will just click the rake, then quest tab, then inventory, then rake again. repeats this over and over. raked the patch, then it just does the same thing with the compost bucket.
  9. he wasnt hacked.. it was an imposter. how could you be a moderator and not pay attention to the details.
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