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  1. hey, i cant seem to find a working lava runecrafting script. and nah, Master Runecrafter fucks up quite often. i dont mind buying one with credits. would be kind if youd let me know.. Thanks in advance
  2. your hunter script got me 99, thanks bruh
  3. its currently down.
  4. title
  5. struggled with the butler setting up too, but managed to get it work getting 170k xp phr now, its not too much but cant complain since its a free script, thanks.
  6. script keeps running south past the fire altar crafting fire and lava runes sadly. even keeps rubbing the duel ring even tho the options are already popped up. if you manage to fix those issues it will be the best script for those 2 methods.
  7. i purchased lifetime version for 29.99 credits yesterday and script was running fine for me, but today it wont do anything, havent changed any settings etc. EDIT: out of nowhere it is working again for me..
  8. awesome lad, thanks in advance mind adding cb 3 skiller support? should be possible since you can use the heal packages on other players or just build barracks.
  9. very interested in both of them, are there any scripts supporting those 2 minigames?
  10. what about castle wars or rogues den minigame script?
  11. nice script though but it double clicks the furnance way too often so the smelting bars interface opens, would be awesome if you could fix that
  12. please fix alkharid bank, it missclicks way too often