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  1. nvm i think i got it. i had to change the adjustable screen to regular
  2. osrs and yes i have the acc added. this is not my first time using the bot just to clear things up =)
  3. the client will load up into the rs login screen. than when i try to run a script. it does nothing. well.. the script will load up. but once u set all the settings for the bot. and click ok. nothing happens
  4. my bot loads up, but it gets stuck at the login screen. it wont log in or anything. help plz. i have java 8 and everthing
  5. has anyone made a script for cw? where u can log into 2 account for dif team and farm tickets?
  6. lol i guess im the only one using this script than xD
  7. the bot does not work at ottos since 2 weeks ago.. once u start the bot. it will just click near ottos house and will just move around the fishing spawns and will not fish at all.
  8. this script is awesome =) ran all the quest while i went to sleep and woke up with all the quest finished =)
  9. when doing falcony. when the falcon catch the mob. instead of clicking on the mob that the falcon catched. it goes and try to grab a different one...
  10. when using npc contact.. once it contact the npc for a new assingment it keeps on repeating the cast over and over.. even after it got the task alrdy. plz look into that 0,0. thanks.
  11. would be nice if it could re-equip prayer books, after using spec weap
  12. is there a way u can make the reward table to be able to scroll down?
  13. the bot is working well.. but is it possible for u to add the options for the bot to skip the clues that requires att and def? for pures ^^? it would be awesome if u do ^^ something to think about thanks for your time.. great bot .
  14. does this script work for pures? need 55 slayer for my oby pure ^^