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  1. You're a fucking beast Word <33 Gotten about 21 phats so far, got this last night. 15 the day before.
  2. About time someone keeps a runecrafting script updated. These other scripts are shit and out of date. Great script man, and props for updating your script.
  3. nah I'm not new at this haha. He used a skeleton NPC ID instead of skeleton outfit. So it gets stuck around other skeletons.
  4. Works everywhere else. Please remove the NPC ID Skeleton- 4699 Thanks, otherwise many spots are shit with skeletons around it won't hop.
  5. I've manually hopped. He must have set the ID to skeletons (NPC) because it's just staring at skeletons near me lolol guess I need a new spot.
  6. Well, was a good run, got 120 masks in 6 1/2 days. Ran like 5-8 accounts. Hope everyone had as much luck as me! Scripter deserves a medal for this.
  7. Works incredibly for me at yaks thanks a lot
  8. Please dear god fix where it clicks "New User". Make it click cancel or something, auto-correct itself, realize it's mistake. Also is it possible to do "Rare nearby on world 369"?
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