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  1. @Usa I've got a couple of suggestions for you that i think will make this script better in terms of acting more human-like. 1. When the pk detection notices a pker in the area i think the mouse speed should be increased when glory teleporting as a normal player would tele out as fast as possible to avoid being teleblocked. 2. when banking item drops such as Rune dagger, Ensouled dragon head, Uncut diamond, Key halves etc, if there is only one of each item a normal player would not right click and 'bank all' , they would instead just left click the item.
  2. Thought so, although every 5 minutes a new one pops up even though i click always allow EVERY time. Seems as though it is popping up more than once , any ideas?.
  3. Hey USA, first of all i'd like to say it's still as flawless as when i used it over 6months ago, well done. One problem though that i remember i had last year was when the firewall prompts come up it seems to halt the script until i do 'always allow' but every other script ive used keeps running even with the firewall prompts coming up, why is this? having to babysit atm.
  4. For some reason, when i click refresh items nothing comes up.. EDIT:: got it working now, runs amazing.
  5. This fucked with my head so bad lol.
  6. It's not a scam though, it's just people in rich gear begging? why would some random person give their fury to someone in max gear and ely? do they hope to be rewarded for being a nice player or something lmfao.
  7. I can't be the only one noticing this, almost every time i go to the g.e there is some level 90 or 100 with an untrimmed mage cape and full bandos / 3rd age spamming shit like "need someone to give me a fury quick!" or " can anyone be nice enough to donate 1m?" Is this what chinese goldfarmers have resorted to now? begging in high level gear? and what's with the untrimmed magic capes lmao literally every person doing this is wearing one.
  8. Because the obby sword & mace both require 60attack, not strength. There's no such thing as a bone mace but if your meaning the bone dagger its the same as an iron dagger and the bone club & spear are slow asf lol the same as an iron warhammer.
  9. lucka88 Definitely is. All i'm sayin is no matter how many of these "alt" accounts you seem to know of, there are botters in the top 100.
  10. Exactly. these are accounts that have been leveled up to around 70-70-70 to survive abyss and then botted. HOW are they doing this.
  11. -lucka88 Explain this? 30M EXP.
  12. -Masasaa -gkklg96 -Mike mouseee -Voicegas3000 I'm sure at least one of them is a bot. And i couldn't find this other person who i saw in full bot clothes, bot name, with 37m exp. must have been banned.
  13. Regardless of rank 2, there's still so many bots with over 20m exp. i saw about 5 with around 35m exp the other day.
  14. Go to the OSRS high-scores and then have a look at rank 2 in Runecrafting, WTF? 180m exp in RC, 90 mining and 93 agility ALL from abyss? how the fuck is this possible lmfao. I noticed this one day when i was in edge bank and there was about 5 bots all with 99RC and over 20m exp. Someones dodging the ban hammer, But how?
  15. You think so? go have a look at rank 2 in Runecrafting, over 180m exp All botted with Abyss (90 Mining and 93 Agility) Just take a look at his total level lmfao that account is 99% Runecraft. I noticed this one day while standing in edge bank, there was multiple bots all with 20m+ exp.