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  1. Here is error message. I tried deleting .tribot folder, deleting hooks.dat and everything. https://prnt.sc/pzagsl
  2. Kush

    Account deleted?

    Do you think you are cool for being a smartass? Go act tough somewhere else. I was asking a simple question
  3. Kush

    Account deleted?

    Yep tweeted them, I'm perm banned , they said I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW hahaha
  4. Kush

    Account deleted?

    I've been botting since 07 started. But anyways. I can't even login to my account on the website anymore. I tried resetting my pass and it won't work. Why did jagex just delete my account? How come they don't let me check my offences? I emailed them I'll report back.
  5. Paypal/BTC/07 GP/RS3 GP sorry edited my post!
  6. Skype: Tycoon510 I obtained this not blackhat or greyhat. I actually talked somebody into sending me it if you need to know ! Anyways post best offer, going for cheap since all I had to do was talk to somebody for short amount of time.
  7. My nmz script crashes 10-20 minutes after I run it since the last update. I use a sara sword and granite maul no shield. Causes the whole client to freeze and go whitescreen.
  8. Skype:Tycoon510 Need gold for double xp weekend can anyone help me out?:
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