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  1. The dumbest of the community are those that still play.
  2. does anyone else have the problem where the script clicks the accept button a second early while the option is still grayed out? It pauses a second then hits last options one more time before finally clicking accept.
  3. In the pre-stake armor selection and rule screen, the script acts weird. It accepts a second too early when the accept option is still greyed out and then waits like 5 seconds before trying to accept again. Edit: And also clicks on headgear and cape option(off and on in rapid succession) quickly after hitting last duel options.
  4. Not really, My main with 250m got permed. This account had stats but no gold.
  5. I think the mods hand slipped on the ban meter... It was half before l0l
  6. relleka banking is broken, after it drops net it picks up and speaks to seer again with net in inv
  7. >Tries to be funny >Didn't work
  8. Just got perm banned on my main. Gf 250m cash and 7 years of my life:). rip childhood