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  1. I found in Yanille when it has to switch lanes it will sometimes come to rest on the rocks at (2601, 3096, 0) see pic for better idea its where the char is standing. It just keeps tring to light a log (i was using willow if that matters) and the message "You can't light a fire here." keeps keeps coming up i the chat when it tries to light a log. Any chance to get this fixed? Thanks. sorry pic is not from when script was running. There was no info in the debug other then [ABCL] performing random things. ny
  2. Posted a "workaround" for that bug right above your post. might be worth a try. Hope it helps you.
  3. It seems to work now from what i can tell other then turning run back on. A work around right now till Tribot is updated is to turn off "Toggle run at %" and turn on "Use CTRL to run". Thats what i am doing to mine and bank iron right now. Edit: No longer needed. Aropupu fixed it.