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  1. Mella92

    [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    Is this script supporting trees that are farmed by yourself?
  2. Thinking about buying this one. What does the preset for ardy knights exactly look like?
  3. Mella92

    [Free][Combat]Texan's Monk Massacre

    http://puu.sh/4LK9V.jpg There you go Texan! Thanks.
  4. Fixed! Thanks to my initiative and perfect execution by Texan. Been running for 5h on few accounts without any problems.
  5. So I observed the bot and noticed one other bot trying to pick up a big pile of big bones (IDK WHY IT WAS PICKING THEM UP), while pker was running over the bones trying to get bot skulled. Not sure, whether it was your script, but that might be the reason.
  6. Thanks for the fast answer. What do you mean I keep it anyways? I dont have pray 25 or anything, so if I get skulled, I'll lose it.
  7. People, who use this script, is it getting skulled often? What weapon you guys use? I was wondering, whether whip is a safe option. Thanks!
  8. Almost 5h and 29k str exp/hr. Good script.