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  1. Dynasty991

    Multiple script NOT VIP ERROR

    Im trying to run a script I just purchased and when I click start I keep getting a pop up error telling me I am not VIP and am NOT allowed to run more than one script and I need to close the other one out......I dont have another script running. HELP PLEASE!?!?!
  2. I ran this script just fine in the normal client last night for a couple hours. Today I tried to run it with looking glass after downloading the JDK and on start up it just ran really really slow would just sit there for a couple minutes without doing anything. I think my client even crashed, any help or suggestions on why this might be?
  3. Can someone give me some basic stat requirements to kill these? I was thinking about buying this to train my range 2h pure
  4. Dynasty991

    Proxies with LG mode?

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong area please tell me where its supposed to be posted. My question is if Im using a proxy in Looking Glass mode am I actually proxied in runescape or not? how does that work since I have the osbuddy client running? Do I have to set up a proxie in osbuddy is that possible or only in Tribot?
  5. Also does the bot detect if it is stopped and you have already purchased the buying limit on an item if you were to start it up again, so it woulnt waste time trying to buy those items
  6. Okay awesome thanks for the help also, is there certain items I should use with the bot such as runes and highly used items or should I go after high end items to maximize profits?
  7. What should I do about an item that I can not find the buy limit for?
  8. Yeah I was gonna ask that how come I see people making 700k+ an hour but I only make 150-250k if Im lucky Im using a 10mil cash stack......are there certain items I should be using? If so anyone care to share?
  9. Can someone tell me the best settings to use on this scripts and where you find the items that you are going to use for the script? Does anyone use Ge tracker with this?
  10. So is it possible to manually do my own items and set the exact prices I want it flipping @? Does the item price checking tab work? and if the Rsbuddy prices arent always right how do I know what items to flip?
  11. Can someone help me with this script I just feel like it types random numbers that arent even competitive prices when I use AI is this not the best option to use....I tried to set the settings up but it doesnt ever price check or anything
  12. Dynasty991

    Combat script and banking?

    By chance do you use JJ's autofighter Im trying to use it at cows and it wont seem to loot hides unless I uncheck the loot only own items