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  1. Came back and noticed 2 scripts i bought long time back are gone.
  2. jad helper

    jad on old school?
  3. jad helper

    Simple jad helper that shows you in color or text what prayers to use.
  4. Auto Woodcutter

    teaks at ape toll?
  5. chances of ban on 07?

    i want to make one account that ill use as my main too, like ill bot skills and keep an eye on it and also play legit, i just want to know if ban rate is high like eoc rs
  6. chances of ban on 07?

    where do i get proxies, i never understood proxies and dont want this account same ip as my bros cause he plays legit
  7. chances of ban on 07?

    I'll probably run scripts to make account main, do you think chances of being banned are high?
  8. 106 Combat Main Suiciding

    any strikes yet?
  9. Bot Bussting today

    first ban after one month on my main. got a 2 day ban,. I wish i could see where i got banned from:/ Bot busting ban. I'm done atm, when i joined this site i had one goal in mind bot as long as i could on my main. Any ban occurs thats it no more botting.
  10. possible to make it so we can type our own messages after trade done?
  11. prayer switcher?

    I wouldnt mind even a simple one where i can just click a hotkey and the script auto goes to my prayer page and clicks the prayer thats attached with the hotkey.
  12. prayer switcher?

    possible to make a prayer switch script for jad etc?