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  1. Came back and noticed 2 scripts i bought long time back are gone.
  2. darkharp

    jad helper

    jad on old school?
  3. darkharp

    jad helper

    Simple jad helper that shows you in color or text what prayers to use.
  4. darkharp

    Auto Woodcutter

    teaks at ape toll?
  5. possible to make it so we can type our own messages after trade done?
  6. darkharp

    prayer switcher?

    I wouldnt mind even a simple one where i can just click a hotkey and the script auto goes to my prayer page and clicks the prayer thats attached with the hotkey.
  7. darkharp

    prayer switcher?

    possible to make a prayer switch script for jad etc?
  8. I always would like to leave it at night but the combat random always stop it, thankfully ring of life comes handy though.
  9. darkharp

    Genka's AIO RuneCrafter

    how i cant get it working just stays outside of bank, how did you do 60hours lol
  10. darkharp

    Genka's AIO RuneCrafter

    I get same problem as well.
  11. Sweet, i also think it was cause i had mouse speed to fast which if i lagged it would screw up. Now that i had it at medium doesnt have that problem anymore.