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  1. Can you make it pick up traps which have fallen over please? http://prntscr.com/4oguu7
  2. 4x400

    Is TriBot detected?

    I mean another bot. xD
  3. 4x400

    Is TriBot detected?

    I was using another client.
  4. 4x400

    Is TriBot detected?

    So are you saying the script was detected or the client? It was Cloud Afker btw.
  5. I made a new account yesterday on the tribot client and didn't bot anything, just used the AFKer to afk for about 30 minutes. Then banned, lost 7M worth of stuff which I was trying to sell on that account, and yes it's F2P. My question is, is tribot client detected? Because none of my other bots have got banned like that before (p2p and f2p). And no I don't have a "flagged ip" because if I did my other accounts would get banned too /logic
  6. Immediately after Tut island Update: Update: Finished Almost there New one with combat at seagulls
  7. Quick proggy to say thanks! Also a couple things I noticed: Profit counts ALL herbs at 1 gp ea When there is still food in inv (even if full of herbs) it will keep fighting until out of herbs. Significantly reduces profit. Thanks for the awesome script! Edit: This includes ~ 2 hours of breaks Looting gets worse as I go on (too much food, doesn't bank with food) lol. But I want to try to get a long proggy. edit:
  8. I'm really considering getting this, but it seems like a very steep cost for something that really is only intended to use until you get to lvl 60. Are there any more proggies that show the 1-60 transition? if the script is flawless, then I think I might get it even with the cost. also, you can give it a rune axe later on if you want right?
  9. Well, I never thought I'd try fishing, but thought I would give it a shot.. turns out this script is flawless. I started at lvl 1 fishing shrimp/anchovies... let it run overnight (with breaks) and came back to 48 fishing. From there I stopped the script and did this The exp/hr looks bad because of the breaks. But I'm pretty pumped with this. If I get high enough for it to be worth it, I'll be sharking with the premium script asap. What level do you recommend starting to fish sharks btw? Thanks!
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