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  1. Doesn't click on the fishing spots @ Grotto was working past few days until now Status: Attempting to fish Bot Debug spams the following [17:34:05] Error: Negative file size for archive 10. A688849 B610148 C1 D19675 E19674 F3051 G-3 edit; restarted client fixed it
  2. xIDMz

    Benefits of VIP-E ?

    Bot Panel previews doesn't work with Looking Glass, which is contradictory to the fact you pay for both premium features same package
  3. xIDMz

    Zeah Discussion

    shit, only good thing is anglerfish, easy gp.
  4. [11:05:09] Exception in thread "Client Loader Thread" [11:05:09] java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start bot (GC). [11:05:09] at obf.mk.f(rm:680) [11:05:09] at obf.cL.run(ce:639) [11:05:09] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  5. it's some wannabes trying to remake it, I wouldn't even sign up.
  6. can you disable brine sabre special attack, I accidently left it turned on as saved settings and it was trying to spam the spec for a few mins
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