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  1. rokasfn

    Slash's Bond Shop

    looking for 2 bonds
  2. file>settings>use auto responder its start automaticly
  3. sometimes it clicks on note button if items in bank are near, scripter said its human mouse implement fault
  4. try change your password, it may help you out
  5. rokasfn


    was there increased bot banning at gameblast14 last year? should i bot on those days?
  6. could it run only my data? too many missclick with public pool
  7. rokasfn

    buying 6m

    Are you buying occasionally or just one time buyer?
  8. does overview takes more heap size from client? if so, how much should i add to run in flawless
  9. You can either do woodcutting, mining, fishing, combat, or cooking (via range only). Reaction times currently won't be collected for any other skills.
  10. Add Me on skype for more info, After filling out this form: added What package VPS are purchasing? burn3 Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? tribot Have you added me on skype? yes
  11. rokasfn

    quick question

    If I have 3 singe auth for one month with 2 weeks left and buy unlimited auth for one month what would happen with those 3 single auths?
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