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  1. file>settings>use auto responder its start automaticly
  2. rokasfn

    Human Mouse Implementation

    sometimes it clicks on note button if items in bank are near, scripter said its human mouse implement fault
  3. rokasfn

    Keep getting logged out

    try change your password, it may help you out
  4. rokasfn

    Human Mouse Implementation

    could it run only my data? too many missclick with public pool
  5. You can either do woodcutting, mining, fishing, combat, or cooking (via range only). Reaction times currently won't be collected for any other skills.
  6. rokasfn


    does Tutorial island works well?
  7. rokasfn

    Tor with TRiBot Tutorial

    hey @idc could you add me on skype? havent seen you online for week now
  8. rokasfn

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    20/20 Xmouse_data-69734-1419971037738.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419975149805.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419976038862.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420019418736.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420020216709.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420130213695.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420192423506.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420193153475.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420193732981.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1420194453375.dat
  9. rokasfn

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    10/20 Xmouse_data-69734-1419944380720.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419944948531.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419945558354.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419946187217.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419946770393.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419956454259.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419967421916.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419968066584.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419968769899.dat Xmouse_data-69734-1419970146822.dat
  10. rokasfn

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    when should we be waiting for this update? @TRiLeZ