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  1. Grimbergen dubbel
  2. proxy details are correct, copyed it from email. all three proxy are working with maxthon.
  3. hello, yesterday bought 3 proxy from tiemposales and all of em receive error after trying loggin in. What does it means? why cant i use em? anyone had this kind issues before? http://postimg.org/image/3z0bi15b7/ upload photo
  4. file>settings>use auto responder its start automaticly
  5. sometimes it clicks on note button if items in bank are near, scripter said its human mouse implement fault
  6. try change your password, it may help you out
  7. was there increased bot banning at gameblast14 last year? should i bot on those days?
  8. could it run only my data? too many missclick with public pool
  9. Credits One Month 1 Fri, 30 Jan its should be 30 days from january 30
  10. @TRiLeZ @daxmagex @Mat @Matt @Usa
  11. hello, i bought daxblastfurnance unlimited auth for 1 month 2 weeks ago and now its gone. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1065 there is no active/not active button too what should i do now?
  12. does overview takes more heap size from client? if so, how much should i add to run in flawless