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  1. Oh god.. Just fucking annoying that shit "the script has reached the maximum amount of instances"...............
  2. Falconry is a bit bugged.. Sometimes falcon cathes the kebbit, but he wont go and pick it up, he will click on the another kebbit few times.. But he resolves it by himself after minute or so. Annoying but still no need to rerun script or something like that. Dropping is ultra slow. I mean script maybe trying to be human like, but it looks like someone trying to drop these things from inventory with super slow reaction. Looks really weird, maybe im doing something wrong in setup but... Also, sometimes script attack the chinchompa accidently, chinchompa runs away so character follows the chinchompa and script wont return char back to spot. Sometimes it runs away from random, but i think it's client api problem, right? Otherwise this script is good, atleast better than free ones : ). Hopefully in near future these buggs will be fixed. Im not sure about ban rate with this script, but with african hunter i got banned on 3 accounts after 2 days botting. Just got banned on anoter 3 accounts now ...
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