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  1. Are u selling RS 3 or RS 07 GP : 07 RS GP Amount you want to sell : AROUND 250M What payment option : Paypal
  2. I don't know if it's just me but when the bot buys and sells an item successfully and tries to re-buy the item i get the WAITING buy limit problem even tho the GE limit is like 10k and i only bought like 100 of that item. It happens randomly like sometimes it buys/sells couple of times before i get that problem but even then the limit is not reached. Can you help me with this? Thanks
  3. Hi worthy i want to get a private script made when you get back from your break. I have already sent you request on skype. My skype is sabizzz1 Thanks
  4. I want to get a private script made so i am looking for a trusted scripter who has time to make a script for me. My skype is: sabizzz1 Thanks
  5. Hi, i am looking for a good trusted private script maker. Please let me know on here so i can add you on skype
  6. Hi erickho, script working like a charm........i run master/slave and slaves keep going into bot world 385/386. I am just wondering if you can put something in your script where you can put the desired world (example world 6) so whenever the bot goes into different world it logs out and goes back to world 6? i am not sure if this can be added into script or this is suppose to be tribot related
  7. i ran the script over night using master/slave and in the morning i was at lumbridge bank with no pure ess or runes and i am pretty sure i didnt die because the master is still wearing the 5 items.......
  8. Hey, just got some questions ...... 1 Does this support master/slave at nature and law altar? 2 If i buy 7.99 i can run as many slaves and 1 master? Very interested in you script if it does that
  9. i m getting the same, it says good challenger but doesn't duel with him............bought the script today dont know if i am doing something wrong or is it the script
  10. i train combat using bones to peaches method and getting the error..........can you please tell me what's wrong? if i use food like lobsters the bot works fine but with bones to peaches it just gives me this error
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