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  1. How to rent? To rent a max main, all you have to do is fill in the form on my website. After that you will be automatically redirected to a livechat agent. The whole process takes only 1 minute! CLICK HERE TO RENT! Terms of Service -Stay in world 302 duel arena. -Keep the private chat on. -Don't break any RuneScape rules on the account. -No streaming or commission staking is allowed on the account (including 0%). -Don't give the account info out to anyone else. -You are only allowed to trade your own account. -You will not take away any items of the account. -You are paying for a set amount of time; whether you choose to utilize the full time period or not is up to you; we don’t offer refunds. -We are not responsible for tentacles breaking during a stake, you are responsible to check the amount of charges left. -After your time is up you will log off the account. -When you are done renting you will recieve 100% of your deposit back. -We are not responsible for any valuables if the account is banned while renting. -If you go offline for 5 minutes or more without notifying us we assume you are done and the password will be changed.
  2. Status: Currently buying Pricing:>>$0.75/M<< Minimum 10M Payment options:PayPal Ideal Contact: Fastest way to contact me is through Skype or Discord. Click the link below to directly add me on Skype. Skype Button » HatScripts Click on the link below to contact me on Discord. https://discord.gg/uxFQkkS
  3. I am looking to buy Amazon gift cards, I will buy for 60-80% of it's value. Can provide payments using PayPal or BTC. Not going first unless very trusted. Contact me: Skype - live:erikworstsythe Discord - Stewie#3076
  4. Script got stuck outside of boat after it right clicked monsters at the end of the game. Could you make the script more passive when the game is almost over? Now when it is killing a portal and there is still another portal open it will run there even if it has like 10 health left. And when it kills the last portal, it will try to attack more monsters etc. Other then that the script is running great
  5. Login bot after break is constantly clicking on membership days in the login screen causing browser to open with a redirects to runescape site
  6. Good stuff! I think you misunderstood my bug report, I meant that my character accidently got up on the ranger tower and up there it tried to attack monsters that were down. Best fix would be that if character gets up on ranger tower that it takes the ladder back down again.
  7. Bug: My character got up to an archer tower somehow and got stuck up there trying to attack npcs that were downside. Also sometimes character gets stuck by brawler and it doesn't detect it and it tries to keep running away while being blocked. It also won't attack the brawler because the activity bar is still high. Other then that script is running great!
  8. Script is running very good! Another thing I found (I am not sure if it's meant to do this) is that while the script is on break that it moves the mouse and it looks like the script thinks that it's still in a game: https://i.gyazo.com/550414fe469f1fc7c8630039c257c8f7.mp4 Also, what kind of breaks do you use?
  9. I think it's a pretty good feature but right now it runs from gate to gate, maybe put a feature that you can select to close all gates, or only southern gate etc? If you delete it would the script still go through the door to get activity bar up if it's unable to in the middle at the void knight?
  10. Another thing I found: when I use the option to close the doors while defending, it runs to close a door if a person quickly opens and closes it. Maybe put a check that if the door is open for a few seconds that it then proceeds to close it?
  11. Gratz:) How long did it take for them to approve your site?
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