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    Did you sell already?
  3. [13:51:30] Zulrah defeated [13:52:57] FINISH MSG: Ending script due to 14 minute timeout inactivity [13:53:27] Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Slayer V2.
  4. Script should end after 7 mins or no exp not log out. After the log out, the bot just logs itself back in immediately or in conjunction with break handler. Script ending would prevent that from occurring
  5. Numerous issues with this bot as posted above, also bot gets stuck in Zaranthis(Fairy ring default location) which led to my ban. Would not recommend purchasing this script, to many issues
  6. I will post a gif shortly. Other than the prayer switching before the hit has occurred, the script is great. It's just that one flaw within the script that causes that death.
  7. The account is dying because its switching the prayer to early causing massive damage to hp. When the script does this every attack during that phase its no wonder why it dies. Its simply switching prayers to early and yes, it is accountable for 100% of the deaths
  8. I do not know the phase name but its when Zulrah is on the west side and its attack is switching from range to mage to range to mage. During that phase the script changes prayers before before the hit occurs each time
  9. Yeah during the blue phase but its every time, the script switches form mage to range before the attack even hits and from range to mage before that attack hits too. Its everytime, mostly on the western side though
  10. 2 things, Can you make the script equip the shield first when switching gear. This would allow me to tank hits better 2nd, When the script has to switch between range and magic prayers during the phase where Zulrah is attacking with range and magic in the same phase, the script is changing prayers before the attack hits. Its basically praying magic when the magic attack comes but it switches to praying range before the magic attack hits, then following up by switching to magic while the range attack is still inbound. I'm finding myself having to out eat the damage to survive. Do you understand what im saying?
  11. Any reason why the bot wont attack zulrah? It switches gear, prayers, and spots, but i will not attack zulrah. I've also deleted the hooks.dat file and retarded both my tribot client, osbuddy client, and pc.
  12. It drives me crazy that this script goes itno the mages guild everytime. EVERY TIME.
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