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  1. Script runs but it's very rough. Misclicks quite often due to running back and forth. Got stuck a few times and had to manually move it along.
  2. Thanks for the credits! Great seller
  3. Any chance for the updated version to support more travel methods such as fairy ring?
  4. Deleting the hooks.dat and general.ini fixed it. Thanks
  5. Wintertodt update broke a few bits of it. Time ran/xp an hour/current level all don't track. It also won't automatically select what rooms to do based on level. Does still run if manually selected. Nevermind
  6. I just want you to know I hated every second of this. Xmouse_data-69350-1473354902077.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473355461241.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473356075050.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473356552778.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473357563390.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473317442562.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473319331183.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473319948345.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473352398850.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473353007792.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473413940292.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473414546227.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473416659559.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473417445502.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473418077204.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473418700089.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473407800587.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473409976925.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473411692630.dat Xmouse_data-69350-1473412286442.dat