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  1. bought a bond, smooth trade and nice person thanks!
  2. ever since ABCL 10 was implemented, chin rate at 99 will be sub 300, this is in a world on your own. get banned or sacrifice 100 chins per hour, i know what id rather do.
  3. hope this helps. mouse_data-69338-1408800268674.dat
  4. so today i hit level 99, from level 1!!!! any questions feel free to pm me mad respect.
  5. All these people claiming to get banned should take a look at this thread https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/ I am currently level 94 hunter and have used this script from level one, make sure to play it safe, if you bot 24/7 you WILL be banned. stop putting countless accusations of this script getting you banned, it reduces the scriptwriters sales. bot safe.
  6. iConnor33


    Bought 1 bond 1m smooth and easy, recommend!
  7. Here it is! a 12 hour proggy! this script could litterally pay for its self in under 24 hours! must buy!
  8. currently working towards a 12 hour proggy! best catch rates ive gotten from any bot on these forums! just under 4 hours:
  9. used this script for around 4 days, 12 hours a time, average catch rate was around 200. no bans, only died once but i suspect i may have been lured but no idea as i wasn't watching. for a free script it made me millions! thanks!
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