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  1. it hasn't been 5 days but..... if im promised something upon purchase i expect it >.<
  2. http://prntscr.com/2fn5gb <<< bought it under that assumption (not true "many bugs/caused deaths") my accounts only had a couple days membership left i bought this in hopes of making enough profit to fund there membership again, but it was not usable for me as i don't babysit my bots at all and now i can't run it anymore, ive bought 7 copys of it (14 instances). thanks.
  3. my bots doing this wierd miss click thing around the red dragons, its almost like its trying to find loot before it kills the dragon.
  4. I'm getting 550 clay per hour. how many iron ore could i get per hour 50ish mining rune pickaxe?
  5. http://prntscr.com/28tykt here u go found someone offering 2.3 per mill http://prntscr.com/28tymi << skype hes on sythe large vouches http://prntscr.com/28tyw9 - http://prntscr.com/28tyz7 << another 1
  6. can't you get 2.20-2.50 from the Chinese why risk a trade back dealing with members?
  7. *question* what do you do when you've got say 20 accounts (6) gets banned in first 24 hours. uve already made a profit. do you buy more accounts to keep the ball rolling. or do you wait till all 20 have been banned and start with a fresh bunch?
  8. thanks for this i can see where ive gone deadly wrong (buying 30 day membership). also when making accounts via bonds am i able to just make them without verifying the email. if so that will save alot of time. other then that ive had a hard time finding something that makes 70k an hour let alone 100k and straight off the bat.
  9. lol. if you need to pay $5 a month to just use the bot i fail to see how anyones a leech here.
  10. haha np good work on the script mate Edit http://prntscr.com/1ow987 going smooth so far. keep in mind im using no energy potions. ive paused to trade laws over. and not using pouches. i think that exp is very nice
  11. last couple times i tried to setup a path it worked but it would click on the bank and then click on the minimap then click on the bank again. i added the correct about of sleeps and everything. it was really wierd has this been fixed yet.
  12. Clawzor


    lol i swear i see that. it was odd because normally i see *30k* . i got scammed once by a guy in full third age and robin like rich as hell for 3m. he was saying that first person to trade me 3m wont regret it. before i knew it i was trading him 10m haha.
  13. me 2 wtf is up with that???. the pathing seems alot smoother then before but why is this happening with bank interface
  14. wtf i just saw my script drop a clue for the first time. and it got a (clues skipped)... http://prntscr.com/1nu7d6 why would it do this. only place i got turned off is ardy and that's because it walks from camelot to ardy
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