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  1. u can buy from the site direct with paypal
  2. got stuck buying lobsters would only withdraw 1k coins and try buy 10 lobsters @ 100+ ea then would bank coins withdraw 1k again and do it again, besides that beast script so far
  3. i think he means 7 day membnership only not accounts
  4. sorry i am new cow master
  5. there will be no runescape if JAGEX lets everyone just bot to max stats, the game will die and no 1 will even make bots for it because it wont be profitable for farming xD . only in your dreams will jagex ever allow botting acceptable , you must be living on another planet to think different.
  6. The game will die if they let that happen xD , u may aswell let every1 pick max stats if you are allowed to bot it , its pointless.
  7. Draynor roof top seems safe went from 10-55 there no bans long hours
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