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  1. ran this script again and it still does the same thing, ive literally just sat and watched it complete 3 flawless kills...and then randomly it goes back to clan wars and decides to end the script, ive made sure all my settings are set for long idle times and nothing else should be causing this to log out. please can you look into this as its been a perfect script just random as hell log out times
  2. i have ran this script yesterday and this morning encountering the same fault twice, it kills it perfectly a couple of times and then randomly it will tele back to clan wars and then just decides to go afk and loggs out after 8 minutes for some reason ? do i need to change the inactivity time, is this a feature to stop it looking 'bot like' ? if so i can do that... just it doesn't logg back in and then crashes meaning it gained me 10 kills in 15 hours which is shall we say "less than ideal" aha
  3. using LG for me on the runelite is tragic, just switches so slow (not a fault of the creator, probs my pc) but using non LG its flawless, whats the increase of risk if i dont use LG ? in advance, im going to risk running it tonight while i sleep and if im not banned in the morning ill report back
  4. the issue i still get trying to us LG is that it tells me it cant find any client (then tells me it needs to be in 32 bit, which when i download runelite in 32 bit, it then crashes again. anyone know how to fix this?
  5. currently stun alching and for some reason im only getting 75k xp an hour which is shocking, is there any reason for this? bot just seems to be going so slow its unreal, im fine with it trying to slow things down to seem more 'human' however its not really cost efficient at this xp
  6. what type of xp an hour is that like and how much is it costing ? sorry for the questions bud just working out how long it takes
  7. how was you going about training mage if you dont mind me asking? im looking for a way to get decent xp in a reasonable time
  8. im having issues using this with a blowpipe as it just wants to access the bank and then does nothing, just used this bot to go from 68 str to 90 as well so yeah, the bots quality just needs sorting
  9. never seen a scripter like this guy, just spent nearly 30 minutes with me sorting the issue, usually people just ignore it but this was quality. really appriciate the work erickho123
  10. disabled that and it still does the exact same 'withdrawing 11734' but doesnt actually do anything, then eventually loggs out, ive had this bot for ages and never had this issue before which is why i was surprised to find it doing this now, glad to see a response from you though which is re-ensuring
  11. i have 1m points and i have pressed the check box, also i have typed in the codes so that it will withdraw 20 absorptions and 4 overloads, instead of going to the chest to buy some, it just goes into my bank and then says 'we are sleeping' its ruining the bot for me as it means i have to be on every hour to reload it
  12. anyone else got an issue with the bot not buying potions, i place it in for game and as soon as it finishes, it runs back to the bank and just says 'withdrawing ' and doesnt actually do anything at all, then loggs out ? any reason for this ? ive used this bot to get 99 str on 2 accounts so far and it never had this issue before aha
  13. No idea why but ive just tried loading up a few scripts today and not a single one does anything, not sure if this is a problem thats just randomly started happening but ive restarted my laptop and my tribot multiple times and it still wont work, open to any suggestions
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