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  1. Have some for Bitcoin PMed you edit: sold 45m, smooth trade
  2. Bamfer

    Herblore Script

    +1 would easily pay that much,
  3. Didnt screenshot proggy, will tonight sometime, ran script for under an hour went 8 kills 1 death. at 99 range 85+ mage, and that death was due to bad RNG big hits using my food. runs very smooth, and this is in AUS thru LG!. Perfect script worthy!
  4. Did you guys use LG or run straight off the client?
  5. Still in need of a private scripter, need basic scripts such as making potions/smithing at Varrock, afk cannon reloading, with abc2 antibans ect, willing to pay up to $50 per script depending on work, /exp, leave reply and pm thanks.
  6. just ran it again, works fine! thanks :), if i purchase a higher end VPN, will the server/client increase?
  7. ive just tried to run a LG client on a Tiral Farm server and it would not allow? got some java error. Edit: If i have to purvhase a higher version of VPN to run i dont mind. just feel safer running on LG!
  8. has the cannon rerload/repair been fixed? if so which settings are people using on it? "use dwalf multi cannon", "no combat" reload when empty? dosent seem to work character just stands there next to cannon, dose not reload, and the antiban just moves the mouse around. can we not afk cannon/alc anymore?
  9. Looking for someone to make me this private script. no movement necessary, pref someone with a decent amount of rep, need asap. will pay well.
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