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  1. Glad you figured it out For context: blackjacking needs a solid 50FPS in order to do all the actions on time. Especially the 'lure to break combat' is hard to do with a lower FPS, but you can opt to use the 'run away from combat' option instead. I do however recommend running it without LG to avoid all those issues.
  2. 24 hours of Ardy Knights * Fixed issue where luring would sometimes fail around some houses in Pollnivneach. @joechef91
  3. Can you see if it works now? Thanks for letting me know, i am investigating this, can't reproduce it yet. Can you see if it works now? Just pushed an update. Fixed over discord.
  4. Should be fixed, but this has no effect on the script itself, just the remote bot panel. Enable shift dropping in the runescape settings, the script will automatically use whatever you have selected.
  5. Ardy knights at bank is in development, im working on the clan chat code atm. Ah it should log out when out of food if you don't use a dodgy necklace. I'll push a fix for this. As stated before, it's still in development. Have you tried clearing your hooks.dat? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-how-to-delete-hooksdat/
  6. Thanks glad you like it The walking engine i use (DaxWalker) is currently down. Dax is already aware of the issue and will fix the issue soon. Sorry for the inconvience, the script should automatically start working again once he resolves the issues.
  7. Yes, please add me on Discord Laniax#2980. This sounds like a hooks problem. Please try clearing those and see if the issue persists.
  8. This could be intended behaviour, it will auto detect if the seeds will still fill into the existing stacks instead of simply thinking that a full inventory should be banked. Additionally, sometimes the RSBuddy api is down so the GE price of the item can't be determined. For this case you can always add the item id's in the drop list. I had that in beta, but people were complaining that they came back to their pc and the bot was just standing there and the knight was gone. The only way i can do this is by joining and reading the clan chat from the script, which i am working on. Also pushed an update today: * Fixed rare bug that would cause the bot to get stuck after worldhopping while buying wines from Ali the barman. special thanks to @xkennyxp for helping me with that one
  9. Yes but I don't have an account with the requirements, please add me on Discord: Laniax#2980 It's already at max speed (there are little mandatory antiban delays) Yes it was updated.
  10. Not to start an argument, but aThiever doesn't even come close to the amount of features in this script. Just that it supports that one NPC location doesn't mean it somehow also support stalls, blackjacking, bot panel or has any of the other various features. Regardless, if you want me to add it, please add me on Discord (Laniax#2980), i don't have an account with the requirements(fire cape, etc) so will need someone who does to gather some data for me. This definitely sounds like a npc hook that is broken. Clear your hooks.dat I hear you guys, but clearing hooks fixes it for 90% of the people, hence why i recommend it first. I have received a couple of messages from people who say they still have the issue after clearing their hooks, yet none of them have added me on Discord to help debug the issue. So please add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so we can figure out what's wrong! Below is a gif of it buying wines and worldhopping successfully on my client. https://i.gyazo.com/267bd0c3397da9474122e062c124a1e2.mp4 Glad it helped I've updated the script to make sure it fills every last spot with wines!
  11. Did you try clearing your hooks.dat? I posted a link to a guide a couple of replies above this. Glad you like it! Yes I will be adding that soon.
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