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  1. * Fixed issue where the bot might try to run to an unreachable place when running away from combat during pickpocketing/stalls/blackjacking.
  2. * Added support for seedboxes during pickpocketing. Start the script with seedbox already in your inventory. (thanks to @DPreborn) * Improved mouse movement while dropping the last few items in your inventory with shift dropping enabled. * Fixed issue with getting stuck upstairs when pickpocketing master farmers on Zeah.
  3. Can you add me on Discord? I don't have an account with a seedbox but if you are willing to gather some data for me i can add it.
  4. Laniax

    Random NPE?

    post the stack trace
  5. Laniax

    Force Mouse Hop

    Its not possible to change all API methods to use mouse hops. You could try setting a absurdly high speed though with Mouse#setSpeed
  6. I would babysit it with blackjacking on a hardcore, especially on low HP accounts, all other modes are OK to run and leave. You can change eat percentage in Misc tab of GUI
  7. Hi, sorry but the Den option wasn't intended to be enabled yet. I was working on it yesterday but forgot to disable the tab again when i uploaded a new version! You got an unintended sneak peek of the mode!
  8. Yes it has an option to buy wine from the bartender. You can use the free trial to check it out.
  9. Just made some updates to blackjacking. Especially regarding the room with the table in it. Please let me know if this runs better for you. Don't forget to restart the client twice after every runescape game update!
  10. It is advised to run blackjacking in resizable mode on the regular client. I obviously cannot make any guarentee about bans but from my own experience, if you keep the amount of hours down then it should be fine. Please add me on Discord so i can take a look at whats causing your bugs.
  11. Do you have all your chat visible, not filtered? The messages are used to determine if you are in combat or not. But LG is really inefficient for blackjacking anyway, it's at least 50% xp/hour less than the normal client