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  1. Could you share your settings? I just tried it at ardy knights and it logged out fine. Update your java, it probably says so in the log.
  2. Yeah all scripts trials are for VIPs only. You can however buy the script and use it without VIP (limited to 1 instance).
  3. Banking was broken in every script due to a runescape update. There was a red banner on the forums, i believe it has been fixed now.
  4. Make sure that 'Scripts' is spelled all lowercase package scripts.yourscriptname;
  5. Ah you were using a seedbox Jagex made some changes to how the seedboxes work a while ago, and i've been trying to find someone to help me change the script ever since. But your screenshots gave me exactly what i needed. So could you try it again with an open seedbox? (if you have the script running right now, stop/start it, dont use rerun). I've also updated the worldhop behaviour while blackjacking, it should no longer detect other players if they are outside the house.
  6. Ardy Knights have been a pretty safe way to bot, with the knight in the bank being the most popular. Just don't overdo the amount of hours per day to play it safe! You can mouseover the thieving bar to show a tooltip with the xp/hour among other stats. The bot is smart enough to see if the inventory is overflowing, what this means for master farmers is that if you already have seeds in your inventory, it can see that they will stack and the bot doesn't have to bank yet. When it encounters seeds that it cannot loot, it will bank as required. Dropping happens before banking but also while you get stunned during a failed pickpocket, but it does take stack size into account (so it won't drop 500x seeds worth 2gp each if you set it to 1k). Hope this helps.
  7. I don't have any pending friend requests on Discord, Make sure you added me Laniax#2980 The issue with the list ID's should be fixed. This is intended behaviour, sometimes TRiBot does not detect combat if the player is only being attacked, without attacking back. As a failsafe the script will enable auto-retaliate to prevent this. Please do not use the re-run script option. It breaks a lot inside tribot. Just stop and start the script manually, it sounds like the java update fixed any other problems. If you still need help, add me on Discord: Laniax#2980 This is handled by antiban and I do not see why the script should not toggle run on. Also the stairs issue was fixed a long time ago and i just verified it still works. Please clear your hooks.dat https://tribot.org/forums/topic/80611-java-executable-delete-hooks-and-jagex-cache-and-a-few-other-things/
  8. Please add me on DIscord, Laniax#2980 Please check both the Client Debug as well as the Bot Debug tabs for any error messages. Not currently, if you have an account with access and are willing to help me test, then add me on Discord. Can you add me on Discord? I need to know details about the route you are walking.
  9. Only if the drop settings in the GUI say so (drop item below X value, or jug item ID added to drop list). 1) Make sure you are on a steady 50 FPS and have the Mouse speed variance set to zero in the tribot settings. 2) Thanks for letting me know, i've pushed a fix for the wine stock issue. Please see my comment above about mouse speed and FPS for your issues 1, 3 and 4. For issue 2, not all buildings are enabled. I've found that some buildings have weird behaviour for bandits, or are a common spot where normal players run through, triggering the 'other player in the same room' behaviour. If you believe there are issues with this, please add me on Discord so we can go into detail about which house/bandit is at fault. @baalshamin If you do not have VIP you are limited to 1 instance, regardless of how many the scripter sells. This is a tribot thing and explained on the pricing page https://tribot.org/#pricing
  10. I'll take a look at the coin pouch when inventory is full thing. The shift dropping is actually handled mostly by tribot itself, so the client might misreport that your shift dropping is not enabled and right click instead. I've never seen or heard of this happening so make sure you are running the latest tribot versions and clear your hooks.dat as well. Yes you can customise the eating percentage in the Script Settings tab of the GUI, Theres an option to dismiss random as well.
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