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  1. Deathwalking is not officially supported. I'd much rather fix the reason you are dying. Please add me on Discord, Laniax#2980 It's already supported. It's called 'Fruit stall on Zeah'
  2. Just tried it and it works fine. Please try clearing your hooks.dat, i've added a link how to do that in my previous post. https://gyazo.com/267bd0c3397da9474122e062c124a1e2
  3. Wasn't actually aware that they moved! Sorry my bad Pushed this update: * Fixed walking to Zeah (Veos new position) * Updated positions of the master farmers on Zeah. * Updated position of fruit stall on Zeah. * Fixed bug where preferred worldhop region setting wasn't being applied. * Added failsafe to make sure shop screen is closed before worldhopping. If you already have the script running, simply stopping and starting the script should update it (don't rerun). If you experience any issues with this build, please try clearing your hooks.dat first, if that doesn't work, feel free to PM me or msg me on Discord (Laniax#2980)
  4. He is correct, having a full inventory or a max stack of coin pouches is actually optimal for blackjacking. It will prevent you from doing a pickpocket while the bandit isn't knocked out. This can significantly reduce the rate at which you get stunned (especially if you have a higher ping).
  5. There should be a message in the Client Debug which shows any incorrectly/missing GUI settings, please check those. And for now, only market knights are supported. Bank knights are to volatile right now (often players trying to screw with bots)
  6. Yes, If you start the script while already on Zeah it should work. Nope, and i'm afraid there isn't enough demand for it yet. This is false, it does use TRiBot's worldhopper currently. (with some extra logic around it by myself) Thanks for reporting! After investigation i found out that TRiBot's worldhopper is broken due to the new Tournament worlds (world 400, 442 and 463). This caused hopping to ANY world above 400 to cause it to get stuck. For now i pushed a hotfix so it will only use worlds 399 and below, after the admins/devs fixed it properly, i will reenable all worlds.
  7. To celebrate the summer you can now get 20% off on LAN Thiever with coupon code: LETSALLNAP Ever wanted to keep an eye on your bots while away from your PC? Sad that the tribot bot panel was removed? Want to keep an eye on the runescape chat and make sure no one is talking to you? Well i got you covered! Users of my LAN Thiever script can now track all of their accounts remotely, easy via the browser! It even works during the FREE 2 hour script trial. The script features; • ABC2 Level 10 • LG Compatible • Progressive Leveling • Tick-based Blackjacking • Insane guard detection around stalls • Beautiful Material Design GUI • Settings are remembered from last session • Ability to save and load profiles • Script argument support • Unique human based antiban different for every account • Alching while stealing from stalls • Smart dropping while stunned • Lots of presets, no need for complicated setup • Suicide leveling support • Loot above X support • Re-sizable mode support • Automatic banking • Walk from ANYWHERE • Ardougne Knights support, with door closing and leaving space for the knight. • Shift dropping support • Great minimalistic interactive paint (mouse over for tooltips!) • Dodgy necklace support • Seedbox support • Gloves of silence support • Fruit stall support • Coin pouch support • Many, many NPC's and stalls supported • Lures bandits into and out of houses • Drop combat by quickly luring bandit • Keep track of your bots remotely through LAN Bot Panel This promotion lasts until the 1st of July 2019 Script gui: LAN Bot Panel: PURCHASE HERE For more info about the script you can view the script thread here For more info about LAN Bot Panel you can view the support thread here
  8. @orange451 It's already in the API. Options#isSidePanelsEnabled "Full screen" is called resizable mode, it's in there as well.
  9. I will be pushing a fix for this once the bot is back up. It's a client issue https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/
  10. That is how tribot works, so it's the same for all scripts, basically it comes down to this: If you are NOT VIP: - You can't run any premium script trials. - You can purchase a premium script and use it, but it will be limited to 1 bot at a time, regardless of how many auths the script has. If you are VIP: - Can run all premium script trials. - Can purchase any premium script and use it to the amount of auths sold by the script. The only thing i can offer is that after you buy the script, and come back to me within a reasonable timeframe that you don't like it, i will refund you without issue. Make sure the Mouse Speed Variance in the tribot settings is set to 0, as well as having a solid 50FPS (type ::displayfps ingame to check), using the regular client instead of looking glass should also run smoother. If you can't figure it out, feel free to add me on Discord: Laniax#2980
  11. * Added option to hop when X players are within Y radius during pickpocketing. * Added option to hop when someone talks within X radius during pickpocketing. * (Hopefully) fixed a bug where sometimes when clicking the stop script button, it got stuck and didn't actually stop the script.
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