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  1. Pushed a fix with the message being spammed. Let me know if anything comes up!
  2. Please contact me on Skype or Discord. I'd be happy to help resolve your issue. For others: a lot of bug reports are mismatched settings. For example, Ardougne Knight luring requires the 'Attack' option on the NPC. Make sure it isn't disabled in the Runescape settings. If you believe you found a real bug in the script, contact me directly through Skype or Discord, so i can fix it promptly. With a script this size there tend to be things that could break through runescape updates or whatnot. I'm here to make and keep this script 100% perfect, so please give me the chance to do so. Also, after a runescape update, restart your client at least twice!
  3. The price for seeds is grabbed from rsbuddy's api. If that is down then the price cannot be determined and it will never drop the item. It should say so in the debug. Your issue with the guards is likely due to bad settings. I see multiple people who thieve them without issues. Please add me on skype or discord so i can help you out with it.
  4. @marshyy Hey everyone! Sorry for the blackjacking issues. I've been trying to get in contact with some of you in order to get more details on the issue. I've just pushed an update that will address most issues, i wasn't able to reproduce a few things, so if you still have issues please PM me on skype or discord so i can fix it! This update: - Fixed issue that the script appeared frozen while blackjacking. - Fixed issue that the script would attempt to pickpocket NPC's in other houses while blackjacking. - Fixed issue with doors around the lower level bandits not being detected. - Fixed issue that the script would not recognizing that a room is full in some cases while blackjacking. - Fixed issue with your own character being detected as a different player in some cases which caused the script to run between houses erratically. I'll need some details on the combat detection stuff. Please contact me directly if you still experience any issues. I'll also be doing some small Quality of Life updates and tiny fixes over the next few days.
  5. Anything in the Bot Debug? Be sure to accept all firewall messages. As for the others: I've noticed some issues with blackjacking the lower level bandits, mainly with luring and closing the doors, i'm working on an update.
  6. @Deluxes @Worthy I've fixed the issue myself, it didn't pick up script files which were in sub directories, also made the table stretch horizontal and vertically. https://github.com/Laniax/Tribot-Repository-Updater if you want a PR let me know.
  7. It works fine for me, did you restart tribot atleast 2 times since the last runescape update? Message me on skype or discord, i can check it out with teamviewer if you'd like.
  8. Just pushed an update, luring worked pretty well for me, but i did fix some issues. Fixed issue preventing GUI to open on Linux & OSX. (please confirm) Bot will no longer try to use the broken stairs to escape combat @ blackjacking. Bot will once again properly close the curtains in the northern houses of pollnivneach @ blackjacking. Small changes to luring mechanics. Please let me know if any issues persist.
  9. That is correct, but it is still recommended to use the Walking methods, since it will check your condition async instead of, for example, only before clicking. It has extra antiban as well.
  10. @IceKontroI Conditions should return true if the walking method should break early, and false if it shouldn't. It is encouraged to use the premade Walking methods, you can add the condition as a argument in most functions, and it will be checked constantly while walking. Walking#walkPath would fit your case. The stopping_condition_delay argument is the amount of 'sleep' that is used while constantly checking your condition during walking. Please don't be afraid to ask I think many of us would be glad to help you.
  11. Looks pretty cool, decided to give it a try. This error pops up any time i try to pack one of my scripts
  12. Just open the index.html file with google chrome and it will be exactly the same as on the website.
  13. Alright I'll check it out when I get home from work. I'll keep you updated.
  14. Last time I tried the luring was fine. Does it continue and work when you lure manually though? I'll look at it again when I get home from work. Make sure you allow all firewall requests and try again.
  15. There is an unofficial TRiBot Discord chat, many scripters, mods and admins frequent it, people were keeping track of updates there. Check this link out for more info: