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  1. Rogues Den isn't supported yet. What? Could you clarify? I've heard about this before, but was never able to reproduce it. So far it seems it might be caused by a specific java version or running a specific script before mine that screws something up. Could you add me on Discord so we could check out this issue further? Blackjacking should function on LG, but the xp/rate will be much lower because LG itself is very slow. For best results the regular client (non-LG) is recommended.
  2. Again, the answer is in the very post you quoted. Simply chuck the ring in your bank before starting the script will work fine.
  3. The very reply you quoted is the reason it doesn't work for you. It does NOT support the ring of dueling method for fire runes, start the script at the duel arena instead.
  4. Yes Is this when it's searching for a suitable house? or when it got into combat and is trying to lure to drop the combat? I've heard this happens very rarely to some people, seems to be a specific windows/java version or something. I'll see if i can add some extra failsafes. Can you check the script settings tab and see if you have dismiss randoms checked?
  5. Fixed this over Discord with you earlier this week. There are issues with Banking since today's runescape update. You will have to wait for tribot to fix the issues. Please see the announcement: https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/67-banking-issues-january-9th-2020/
  6. It's impossible to be banned within 5 minutes of usage of a single script. You were already flagged before you ever touched this.
  7. Glad you figured it out For context: blackjacking needs a solid 50FPS in order to do all the actions on time. Especially the 'lure to break combat' is hard to do with a lower FPS, but you can opt to use the 'run away from combat' option instead. I do however recommend running it without LG to avoid all those issues.
  8. Can you see if it works now? Thanks for letting me know, i am investigating this, can't reproduce it yet. Can you see if it works now? Just pushed an update. Fixed over discord.
  9. Should be fixed, but this has no effect on the script itself, just the remote bot panel. Enable shift dropping in the runescape settings, the script will automatically use whatever you have selected.
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