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  1. Clear your hooks Note that the repository problems haven't been resolved by the admins yet, so you might get a instance limit error 10-20mins after starting the script.
  2. Glad you like the script! Grats on the almost-99! The instance limit error you are receiving is because of current maintenance. This happens for every premium script, not just this one, the admins are working on it, more info here:
  3. It actually shouldn't even try to worldhop to a pvp world. Can you make sure the ingame worldhopper is sorted by World Number (not player count or activity) ?
  4. Start the script when already logged in In other news; i haven't posted here yet, but blackjacking was fixed a couple days ago, if anyone still experiences issues with it, please let me know (Discord: Laniax#2980)
  5. It's still in the works, but there's a free script on the repo which can do it as well, so the priority got lowered a bit. That's not normal behaviour, it's probably a hooks issue. Can you please try clearing them? If that doesn't work, please add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so we can figure out what's wrong.
  6. While i have been absent for a couple of days due to real life obligations. I would appreciate if we could keep the thread on topic and about the script. Please refrain from ban discussions, there is a dedicated thread for that. Thank you. First off, apologies for the late reply, as i said, i had some stuff to take care of in adult life. But i'm here now to fix any issues you guys are having. Please note that even though there have been some bug reports for blackjacking, the other modes (pickpocketing and stalls) are still working flawlessly. Then: there are a couple of settings that should be done/checked if you have issues with blackjacking, it's easiest to add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so we can go over them, but i'll list some here: Enable auto retaliate Put the 'Mouse variance limit' on zero Make sure you have 45+ FPS (you can check by typing ::displayfps ingame) Clear hooks This should clear some of the issues you guys have posted. The blackjacking is actually a little to fast right now on some cycles, so if the script is performing slow it is most likely one of the issues above. If you can't fix it, please add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so i can help. (this will always be the quickest way to reach me) I will be running blackjacking myself and fixing any issues i see, will post here when update is pushed. @ownsgood @dantan @cousinz
  7. Make sure your Java version is up to date. If it is, there should be an error in the Bot Debug, please send it to me so I can see what's wrong. Please let me know if you have issues or suggestions for the script and I will gladly help out. It is still WIP, but there's a free script made by someone else that does the minigame on the repo. You can use this in the meantime. I would love to, but don't have an account with the reqs. If you add me on Discord and help me grab some in game coordinates I can add it easily
  8. Yeah i'll look into doing this. No it cannot, there is already a well maintained script that does pp. Yeah you could, since there is no chance of failing it should be pretty farmable. There's a tribot bug related to the banking right now, word on the street is that it is fixed in the development release of tribot, you can check that when starting the client and try it out. About the settings; the script remembers the last settings you used, so could you clarify what's going wrong? Yes i noticed this as well, it does click knockout but sometimes nothing happens, as if the server didn't register your click. I'm working on some optimizations for this, will post here when done.
  9. This was caused by my update earlier this week. I fixed it now, thanks for reporting! I'm working on some more blackjacking improvements, will make sure to include these issues . Will post here when it's done. (Although the worldhopping issue is a client bug, it was caused by today's game update)
  10. There is actually! Just hover your mouse over the thieving bar of the paint. In other news: * Dramatically reduced CPU usage when using Looking Glass.
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