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  1. Can you try running the client with 'Developent Release' checked? Tribot's has a new, better built-in worldhopper in that mode.
  2. What exactly is going wrong? Walking there? Buying? World hopping? If you add me on Discord it will be easier for me to help you.
  3. What is your HP level? Did you trying customizing it so it eats at higher percentage? you can do this in the Misc tab of the GUI.
  4. Get 20% off LAN Thiever with coupon code: LETSALLNAP Promotion lasts until 7th of July so be sure to get it while you can! This coupon code works when purchasing any auth type! This script features; Pickpocketing, Stalls & Blackjacking support ABC2 Level 10 Smart guard detection around stalls Shift dropping support Enhanced stun detection while pickpocketing Very very user friendly GUI. (Material design) Any many more things! PURCHASE HERE For more info you can view the script thread here
  5. Not currently, other modes/scripts have priority atm. Rogues Den has taken a bit of a back seat while i work on my Bot Manager. It will continue development after this has reached a stable public state.
  6. Do you have all chat messages shown, not filtered? This is used to determine combat. If you are interested in helping me test some fixes, please add me on Discord, I can provide a free auth in return.
  7. Unfortunately I lost access to my account before I could finalize my update. So i've pushed a fix without fully being able to test it. It's for the blackjacking issue where the bot is unable to enter or leave a house. Can you guys please confirm/respond if the fix works? Preferably over Discord. Thanks!
  8. Updated the script to work with resizable mode, plus new paint
  9. Are you out of essence by chance? Nope
  10. There should be a message in the Bot Debug, please check that! (also: make sure you have java 1.8.0_60 or up.)
  11. I'll check out blackjacking when I get home from work tonight. Will keep you guys up to date.
  12. Yes, xp/hour is significantly lower on LG. Some users have reported up to 40% higher XP/hour using the regular client.
  13. laniax

    Tracking NPC by spawn location

    The script will have to 'see' them spawn -- sadly there is no getSpawnTile or something. You most likely want to keep a second thread running, and if a new NPC (new npc.getIndex()) pops up, save the index and location into a hashmap.
  14. Sure am! It's a pretty big project (as you might imagine), and i redid some things a couple of times to get them right. Been working on it nearly every day for the past few weeks at least. Some sneak peak screenshots below You can join the Discord and be first to know about new changes / upcoming beta.