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  1. Please send/show me the exact settings you are using in the GUI. Just did an update which should help with the hover issue. Please let me know if this is better! There are some small antiban delays, no single person would perform tick perfect pickpocketing for hours, this is all dictated and generated based on real human playing data (ABC2), but mostly we are looking at a 100-300ms delay.
  2. If no errors are shown, make sure the GUI isn't just minimized on another screen or offscreen? (Also, please make sure you check the Bot Debug, not the Client Debug). If you have trouble figuring it out, feel free to add me on Discord (Laniax#2980)
  3. * Fixed timing for blackjacking knockout/pickpockets. Please let me know if runs ok now! * Fixed issue with the ardy knight not being detected sometimes when it was near the northern or eastern most wall of the house. * Various tiny fixes and improvements in the webbased Bot Panel! Please note that if you get in combat repeatedly during blackjacking because it eats food during luring, or when the bandit sees your knockout, this is simply because eating food has the absolute highest priority, increasing your hitpoints level, adjusting the food percentage or using food that heals more per bite will help prevent this.
  4. Do you have it on 'run away' or 'lure to break combat', if you have it on the first, please send me the Bot debug on Discord (Laniax#2980) It should be on the right click option, if you manually change it before starting the script it'll work. I'll see if i can add a fix for it in the meantime.
  5. * Fixed issue with excessive clicking on the coin pouch in your inventory in some cases. * Fixed issue where an inventory item gets selected and the bot fails to pickpocket any further.
  6. Try clearing your hooks for the knight not being detected. In the script settings tab you can select a world region to hop to, so you can select US worlds and it will hop to those first. You can also disable the remote panel there, just uncheck the box.
  7. * Added a new location for master farmers on Zeah. In addition to the previous (west) house. You can now also use the script on the house right next to it (the east house). * Fixed some issues with the master farmers on Zeah. Specifically when the script got stuck upstairs after the client misclicked on the ladder. * Fixed minor issue where sometimes during dropping an item was selected. This only happened with normal dropping, not when shift dropping.
  8. Hey, thanks for the suggestions, the logout when out of food should already be possible for pickpocketing and stalls. Choose your food and for 'What to do when out of food' select 'Logout and quit script'. For banking it works best if you turn it on 'Log out when inventory is full' then. Let me know if this is a solution for you! Did the happen to see what it was doing/trying to click when it clicked on the report button and when did it happen exactly? I think the last tribot update prevented clicking around these areas. Hey, are you on a mac? try to disable your firewall in the tribot settings. (see screenshot below)
  9. What settings did you use? You can select to drop everything when inventory is full, or add the item ids to the drop list. Maybe post a screenshot of your settings?