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  1. The script uses DaxWalker for getting around. It sees your charged glory as the fastest way to a bank, so uses that. If you stick your glory (and other tele items) in the bank before running the script it will walk as intended.
  2. I don't recommend blackjacking on a level 3. Simply because in the worst case, the max hit is 7. Meaning you should keep your HP at 8 or higher, which will not only be wasting food, it will also kill your xp/hour due to the the constant eating. I'd stick with master farmers for a bit longer and then do ardy knights instead. If you really want to do it: enable cautious mode, put a custom food percentage (probably at 80-90%), run away from combat instead of luring and use the regular client (not looking glass).
  3. Hey, Sorry to hear you are having issues. I'd love to help out and fix these things asap, in fact, I've already pushed an update which might help with the eating bug. (and added additional logging related to the custom eat percent) I ran it for about an hour with this fix and it worked great. Could you let me know if works better for you now? Some of the other things you mentioned, i need a little more information on: 1) How does it withdraw the wrong amount of dodgy necklaces? Do note that the one you are currently wearing is substracted from the amount to withdraw. (So if you input 5 in the GUI, and are wearing one, it will withdraw 4 from the bank). 2) The GUI text issue is caused by the font not being able to load. Did you disable the TRiBot firewall? Are you running on mac or linux perhaps? You can always add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) for fastest response times
  4. If i decode the following profile: VEVGT0lGUm9hV1YyWlhJPQpiblZzYkE9PQpiblZzYkE9PQpiblZzYkE9PQpiblZzYkE9PQpNakV4TXc9PQpPREExTXpFd01EQT0KTkRNNU16SXdNREE9Ck5qZ3lNREF3Ck5EZzRNVEF3TUE9PQ== This results into: TEFOIFRoaWV2ZXI= bnVsbA== bnVsbA== bnVsbA== bnVsbA== MjExMw== ODA1MzEwMDA= NDM5MzIwMDA= NjgyMDAw NDg4MTAwMA== Decoding each line seperately results in: LAN Thiever null null null null 2113 80531000 43932000 682000 4881000 The float values at the bottom are the designated runtimes in milliseconds, so 80531000 would be 22 hours 22 minutes and 11 seconds which corresponds to the times i set in the script queue: Note that if there are multiple scripts in the queue, you have to repeat the process above for each line. Your issue with the null characters is likely because you decode the entire string in one go and line returns don't decode properly.
  5. The script queue dat files are double base64 encoded. You can decode them once, and then decode each string seperately to see the data. You could build a custom UI for this yourself. The proxies.dat look serialized and can't be reversed that easily.
  6. Please edit your post, there is no need to paste 1000 lines. Please clear your hooks.dat and see if the problem persists:
  7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's a simple script, i doubt people have a lot of questions for it, nor will they be posting 100+ hour proggies on a chicken killer But if you have experience any issues or have any suggestions, feel free to post here or message me on Discord (Laniax#2980)
  8. The GUI will only open when the script starts. You can't open it while it's running. Just restart the script if you want to make changes.
  9. I don't have access to the farming guild yet. But if you could jump ingame and grab a few coordinates for me i can add it! Please message me on Discord: Laniax#2980
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