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  1. I'm having trouble myself to get LG to run smoothly since the last few client updates, even without a script running. Is your lag only when running my script or even without? Clear your hooks.dat
  2. Make sure all game messages are shown not 'Filtered'. If the issue persists, please add me on Discord. Laniax#2980
  3. Please message me on discord. Laniax#2980 It works. But runescape updated and the bot needed an update. Also make sure you reload the client twice after a RS update and have the game on fixed mode (not resizable) and all game messages shown, not filtered.
  4. You are correct, it is caused by todays RS update. Sadly it is something that TRiBot has to fix, not myself. Once the bot releases an update, the script will start working again.
  5. Any logs in the debug? Sorry for the delay, currently don't have access to a blackjacking account, but i ran there on a low level and tried your issue with the curtains. I wasn't able to reproduce it, is it consistent for you? Maybe try clearing your hooks.dat, this has worked for some as well.
  6. There is no death-walk built in, so that explains the login loop. Did you see it happen though? Was it related to the jug dropping? Do you have all game messages shown in chat, not filtered? You have to be on fixed mode as well (not resizable). Lastly try deleting your hooks.dat, i currently have no issues with luring or combat detection.
  7. When did it worldhop during blackjacking? That should only happen rarely. Either way, it's a preferred world region, if no more worlds are available in your region it will use a different one. I did make a slight change to it, so please check it again. I've made a change for the jug dropping as well, but am currently unable to test it myself. Please let me know if it works correctly now. (Should drop the jugs @ the bar now if you are in combat) Most of the time this is caused by using an extremely old java version. You need at least 1.8.0_60 or higher. There are likely errors in the Bot Debug that would verify if that is the issue.
  8. Flagged proxy most likely. Tip: don't buy proxies from a runescape forum, those will have been botted on countless times before.
  9. @luck or skill it will exhaust rune ess first, then pure ess. Did you still have any essence in the bank? Was it enough for a trip? The other errors are daxwalker errors, the public key reached it's limit. I hadn't updated the runecrafter yet since i bought a private key. So i'll do that now. This also updates lots of my framework code, so it's possible your essence issue is already fixed by this.
  10. Can you tell me what mode you were running? Pickpocketing ardy knights? Doing stalls? Make sure you are not on resizable mode, will refund if issue persist.
  11. Sadly scripters are not able to reset trials. You can either wait for the next month for the trial to reset or purchase it and i will refund you if you tell me you don't like it within a reasonable time (couple of days)
  12. Please try it again, it should've already waited ~10 seconds between the door opening and trying to close it, but i found a bug that prevented that. Updated was pushed moments ago, please verify.
  13. Glad we got it figured out on Discord. For anyone having similar issues as well: make sure Game messages are not filtered and you are zoomed out completely. Added the option, but haven't had a chance to test it, please let me know if it works properly. I've added a failsafe to check if you are downstairs. Pulling off the 2nd pickpocket requires no lag, please try to increase your FPS. (try playing with the TRiBot paint delay)
  14. laniax

    How can I use worldhopper better?

    This happens when jagex updates the world list, so the positions of the worlds change. TRiBot has to be updated to fix this. If there's not an issue already, create one here https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues