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  1. * Fixed GUI * Fixed price lookup through RSbuddy API * Added failsafe to close worldmap if it accidentally opened it.
  2. You can activate the free trial directly on the repository page. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2113
  3. I have adjusted the timing slightly for the 2nd pickpocket. Can you check if its better now? It is on the 'nice-to-have' list, but my other projects have higher priority right now. It will already hop if multiple attempts of luring fail, or no houses are available (all taken by other players, etc)
  4. Most likely a delayed ban. There is usually a couple of days, maybe even a week before they actually ban you when you have been detected. I get very little ban reports using my scripts.
  5. Glad it's working better, let me elaborate on the combat mechanics a bit: It already somewhat does what you propose. In fact, a knockout is fastest since it can be the start of the next 'cycle' if it is successful, and a pickpocket might get you stunned. When the bandit is yelling that he saw your knockout, there is a 1 game tick opportunity to knock him out again or do a pickpocket, neither has to be succesful but it will keep the bandit from engaging into combat with you. Currently the script will keep trying a knockout until it is successful, this is the best in terms of XP/hour. However if you somehow miss the 1 game tick window, you will be in actual combat. You cannot knockout or pickpocket during this time. Only running away, or luring him between his attack swings will disengage him. If you select the lure to break combat option, it will hover over the lure option, wait for a hit splash and then lure really quickly using the spacebar to skip dialog. Some people have issues here since it only really reliably works if you don't have any lag (latency or FPS), hence why the run away option is there as a fallback.
  6. I don't usually refund for user errors. Especially those who are unwilling to fix it. (I asked for a bot debug, because there IS an error in there). But i've just refunded your purchase, see yourself as the exception.
  7. Can you check the message in the Bot Debug? Most of the time this is caused by an outdated java version. Copy pasting the error here (or a screenshot) will allow me to see for sure.
  8. Let me try to explain: For simplicity sake, let's say that the runescape map is a perfect square, ranging from X = 0 and Y= 0 all the way to X = 10000 and Y = 10000. Now the game doesn't load this all at once, but it loads a 'region' of 256x256 tiles at a time around your player. If you run around in game and you get the 'Loading, please wait' screen, it is actually loading a new region. A 'regular tile' as you called them, is what we call a world tile. It is the absolute position on the 0-10000 scale. So tile X = 5000, Y = 5000 would be at the center of the entire world. A 'local tile', is a tile relative to the current region. So it might be X = 25, Y = 30. Which means that it is 25 tiles to the right and 30 tiles up from the bottom left corner of the current region, whichever one you are currently on. Basically when you enter a instanced area like Pest Control, you enter a random region, but all the relative positions stay the same. Now as @Encoded said, this might cause issues if the instanced area is larger than one single region, but if you understand the math it is trivial to work around. (There are methods to get the current regions base tile) If you want to read up on how runescape maps work in general, this is a good resource: https://rswiki.moparisthebest.com/Map-Region-System.html
  9. The 'anchor point' method is a bit outdated and unreliable. The best/easiest way to do this is by using local tiles. Which is simply a relative tile based on the chunk's base tile. See example below: RSTile somePosition = new RSTile(10,40,0, RSTile.TYPE.LOCAL); // You can get this by calling #toLocalTile() on any RSTile while ingame. Like Player.getPosition().getLocalTile(). // grabbing an object RSObject[] someObjects = Objects.getAt(somePosition.toWorldTile());
  10. Not yet, but i'm working on it. I've adjusted the timing slightly, but can't test myself. Can you check if it's better now? If not, please add me on Discord so we can finetune.
  11. It happens because when walking the bot might sometimes accidentally click on the world map button. This is out of my control sadly. However i've just pushed an update so it should close the map if it is open. Just pushed an update, can you try it again? Can you check if there are any errors in the Bot Debug? and if so, please post it here. In other news; * Improved script starup time. * Fixed item prices through RSbuddy api. * Migrated to newer version of DaxWalker. * Fixed issue with withdrawing a full inventory of Dodgy Necklaces in specific cases. I'm still looking for more tester for some of the blackjacking issues. Please add me on Discord if you are interested in helping (and a free auth in return) @Botman77
  12. Could you please add me on Discord (Laniax#2980) so I can see what's going on.
  13. Laniax

    TriBot not starting up?