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  1. EDIT the phials bank option also just ends the script when attempting to do mahogany tables with mahogany planks in invy
  2. Issue: Does not interact with butler chat after calling Script Version: latest Tribot Version: latest Script Stack Trace: Spams this [01:35:29] [NPC Interaction] Conversation Options: [Repeat last task?, Fetch from bank: 26 x Mahogany plank, Something else...]
  3. Im attempting to disable the auto login bot permanently for example. But the auto login functions keeps activating public void onStart() { this.setLoginBotState(false); Vars.get().startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); Vars.get().runAt = random(15, 35); }
  4. Hello Tribot Community, Maybe i am doing something wrong but the code: this.setLoginBotState(false); Should disable the login bot permanently? Correct? Ive tried calling the method from my onStart function as well as my main loop. The login bot continues to keep activating. Is there a fix for this or am i just doing something wrong? The main reason i even want this is because on log-in from the autologin bot there is a 10 second delay of just standing around for no reason. Is there a fix to that or does this only happen to me? Thank you for the help!
  5. [/img] script decided to end after about 10 minutes. Using LG. Gnome Agility Course
  6. Im thinking of buying the bot. Any users can confirm its working as intended and doing well?
  7. Never added an email on skype so i am unsure how too. Add my skype and mybe i can help. hero3128 is my skype
  8. It is really slow when crossing ditch to the zammy mage. It keeps saying grabbing tiles, generating path. Then it takes 1 step and redoes the process
  9. Script gets stuck at banking while moving to ditch for like 10-50 seconds. Even though its 100% done grabbing all stuff and filling pouches
  10. I have set the camera orientation correctly and it finds it sometimes but not allways
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