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  1. All purchased scripts were changed to monthly earlier this year.
  2. boatsb4hose

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    paying respects to anyone that was actually still using RS3
  3. I think it's as good as it's going to get. Once the bans start coming in, the only practical way to avoid it will be to limit hours and do other stuff on the account.
  4. Yeah you can suicide it in certain spots right now. Jagex will pick up on it eventually but good luck to you
  5. just caught it at 9k to 99 when waking up. Thanks for the great script
  6. successfully got plenty of accounts to some requirements many times with this script with no issues. I'd trade the accounts necessary axes & woodcut to roughly 36 from few different places on the map for reg trees through willow. Additionally, I would manually run them near the trees they'd start at. Still had no issues. The one issue I ran into was letting the bot run from lumbridge to port sarim and start cutting reg trees there. I got disabled within a couple minutes of starting So I tried a couple different times and switched things up to dial in what the issue was. On the Tribot client & same IP, I took another account and manually ran it roughly the same path to the same group of trees that are in your port sarim reg trees location. I started manually woodcutting for 10 minutes & was just fine like I should be. Figured I'd rule a few things out by doing this. Next, I made another account the same way. Manually ran it to the same spot. Then I botting the wc just like I did the first time. Account was just fine. Lastly, I repeated what I did the first time. I botted it from running Lumbridge to Port Sarim & wcing the same trees. Disabled in a few minutes. I couldn't give a fuck less what you do with this information. Thought it was interesting that the walking specifically from lumby to port sarim seems to be the issue. I'll still be using this script, just not letting it walk from lumby to anywhere.
  7. boatsb4hose

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    Stuck here attempting to walk to door. It swung the mithril axe at an undead tree on the top leftish side of this pic, headed this way and got stuck in this area. It wouldn't walk around it like the elephants in pest control minigame if thatt makes sense. Then it spoke to Ava, went to the burthorpe slayer master, got the enchanted axe, then it got near the first undead tree walking back & it teleported back to burthorpe. I ended the script and just completed the quest from there. Clicked on the undead tree to get the twig & so on. Hope this was clear enough.
  8. it's all gud bruv. thought i was going crazy but makes sense now. like i said, it's my vps that's just causing me grief tbf
  9. shit lmfao, i've lost like 72h to that then just wanted to be #1 feelsbadman
  10. another 1m and 22h proggy before tribot client crashed lol. p sure my vps is responsible for that. does my hiscore still say 9days? http://nscripting.com/highscores/crabkiller/ i feel like it's only adding maybe one of my account's time and not both. i definitely accrued like 48h bot time the last 3 days but it only went up 24h which is the equivalent of one of my accounts. idk maybe it's taking it's time or i'm just crazy
  11. boatsb4hose

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    Unlucky timing, but a random event popped up while earnest the chicken QUEST COMPLETE interface was up & it was attempting to rightclick dismiss it. After that, it starts priest in peril, talks to king, goes to v east bank, withdraws 15 shark, then withdraws all shark, banks all, repeats I couldnt care less, but if you happen to be on the pursuit of a perfected script, thought I'd mention this.
  12. boatsb4hose

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    how'd u get passed the 1-70 100% ban rate that seems to plague everyone else