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  1. demon is good for 70+ atk and 80+ str i'd say. you'll get negligibly more xp with mtd only but the demons give you 15% more points overall
  2. As Mazza said.. or just scrap prayer flicking in general. When hp is >1, eat rock cake instead of flicking every 20 to 50 seconds. Additionally, I had done dh absorption method without ticking 'flick rapid heal'. I came back a couple minutes later and was 3 hp. I saw that it was flicking rapid heal at first (?), but it didnt guzzle down to 1hp like your latest update states. So for now, I'm sticking with 'flick rapid heal' as that works.
  3. there are no sites for bug abuse on osrs. there are a few people that know about real bug abuse in osrs, but they don't share that information with anyone else.
  4. y are you premium scripter twice
  5. ill get googling eventually, know where i could find such a cheat/client/app?
  6. I wanted to stream a game while hacking (ESP only--so like boxes and names of enemies health, distance); but obviously that's bannable. Would mirroring the game with a hack injected into it/ showing ESP mirror the ESP as well or the game WITHOUT ESP? My proposal is that I'd like to be able to stream the mirror client that doesn't show any ESP hacks but I'd be using the original client being mirror'ed off on a 2nd monitor using hacks. Reason: Hack and no one knows on stream. Thanks for your imput. I'm sure people are doing something similar to this already. client that i use looks like this: mirrored client would look like this
  7. I use to bot a shit ton. Made a few thousand off it. It looks like the activity has died a little on TriBot. Anyone want to update me on the botting scene the past 9 months?
  8. status: turning on run. not sure that it's antiban. and nice email
  9. k was lookin for this post
  10. found out the issue. turns out that my interface class wasn't inheriting Node correctly.
  11. let the criticism rain the rest of my classes look very similar.
  12. u sure? http://erickscripting.com/exnightmarezone/signatures/users/ltl_e_r_c_y.png
  13. ayy lovely! i tried describing reaction times similarly but I was too young xD