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  1. boatsb4hose

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    undetectable & flawless. achieved more than 200m fm xp over 4 accounts, 4 pets, and about 100m profit, here's one haven't gotten a daxe from it though with roughly 10k crates opened. not that I want one, but that shit is rare af
  2. I had a combat bracelet on, for 'birds' which is chickens apparently, it tp'ed to champ guild with bracelet, then after completing task & banking, it was looking for the charged brace ID and didn't find the combat brace (6) even though I'm still wearing a combat brace (5). So w/e you did to make that okay with glories will have to be done with combat bracelets. Unsure if this applies to rings of dueling.
  3. Naton's beta firemaker repository thread link just goes to tribots home page so I'll post this here as im sure many people, like myself, will use it for the slayer script requirement. I'm fming willow logs at varrock west and it got this far and tried indefinitely to bank at the cooking guild when it needs to run back to the west bank instead.
  4. May get stuck on the outside of the two edgeville trees and click indefinitely as if it's going to walk there, but it's one of those runescape mechanics that it doesn't just auto walk to the tree you want to begin to cut. Figured it was worth mentioning.
  5. I've wanted to run several accounts on one IP for obvious reasons but I also haven't for obvious reasons. But does anyone have confidence that running multiple accounts on IP at the same time doing the same thing won't lead to more bans (up to a point). If not or if so, give me some of your anecdotal experiences with it.
  6. boatsb4hose

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    my wintertodt bot thats been suiciding to bout 40m fm xp just got banned sooo about that
  7. It's looking up item data for ID: 0 like 3 times a second and wrecking the frames lol. Unsure if thats my fault or not, please let me know if it is. I don't know what causes it. May suspect that its the trees im cutting 1-15. Im cutting dead trees by draynor specifically, not regular trees. Also, the edit button is greyed out so i have to redo any tasks that i set up. Unsure if that's on me or not
  8. boatsb4hose

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    lmk how that goes
  9. boatsb4hose

    Looking Glass Issues

    https://rsbuddy.com/osbuddy/download?iaccept=true&fileFormat=jar downloaded from there. @fluffee I opened the osbuddy jar, let it load, opened tribot, clicked on looking glass client, and it still can't find it. i provided pictures showing ive got the recommended javas installed and tribot is running off of it and no more. am i missing something? because it can't find osbuddy to hook onto
  10. boatsb4hose

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    didn't know that haha OOPSIE
  11. boatsb4hose

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I just witnessed it attempting to repair the brazier, it spam clicked it at the right time but I didn't get any xp. I have 91 fm purely from wt (since 50 obv), and still 0 con xp. Your script looks like it's handling it fine, but i dont get why im not getting con xp haha. I do have a hammer in my inv, the option to fix is checked, it's clicking the brazier well before it's fixed. really confused. regardless, ive had only a few mishaps with the 40m-ish firemaking xp that i've got with this script. obviously 2 times out of 40m xp is minimal but i'm trying to get a 100h proggy but if it's not my vps/proxy/client that's taking a shit on me, it's instances bug or this bank too full bug. i've only xperienced the bank too full bug 2 times while i have 60 spots occupied of the 840 or w/e available. not a big issue, but worth mentioning i suppose 10/10 script
  12. I got the rs3g and for some reason im struggling to get a second account going without the tribot client or tab freezing. i set the mb to different sizes (1000, 500, 256). a couple different setups: tried 1000mb 1 client, got one account botting on the first tab just fine, attempted to bot a 2nd tab same client, then that 2nd tab freezes after a bit. then i tried 2 tribot clients, 1 bot on each at 1000mb resources. 2nd bot that i boot up ends up freezing after a bit again. so i tried the same things over and over again with 500mb and 256mb and i got the same results. any suggestions? not use LG, second one is on a proxy but it works just fine if it's the sole bot on the vps or my home computer.
  13. boatsb4hose

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    That'd be amazing man
  14. You two are beasts. Wasted has been developing here since the beginning and Naton got me 99 in several skills suiciding with a stunning script. I'd love to participate in some open beta, I have 5 accounts with 99 str that I couldn't care less if I bot.
  15. boatsb4hose

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Anyone making some serious gains with this script?