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  1. ill give u my best guess. jagex's anti bot watch builds algorithms for every character logged onto runescape. i imagine that this algorithm is basically a reverse script builder. like the scripts that you see on the forums people built...and the system will try to build one according to what you do in game.. and if it can anticipate every move the bot or you make--under a % threshold-- it will flag your account and ban it. by anticipation and threshold i mean that if ur low health and in combat, of fucking course you're going to eat something so you dont die, so jagex isn't going to flag something like that.. you get my drift? it gets much more particular than that, but that's the idea so as you search the forums, you'll find scripts that are dynamic enough to pass this anti bot watch more successfully than others. i think if you can wrap your head around this just right, you'll really get a leg up on what you need to do...and what i found out what i had to do, is that i had to start making my own scripts.
  2. Instead of waiting until my player isn't animating to start chopping the next tree, i'd rather chop the next one when it turns into a tree stump. What part of Java do I need to read on to save this tree as an entity object. Once I learn that part, then I can check if the tree exists. Thanks for help
  3. That's fine, it'd get me banned anyway. Thanks
  4. Selecting the rooms plunders them and I just want to do the chest and sarc is what im saying
  5. i would but ..
  6. So i have 31 thieving, i select both rooms 1 and 2, and it tries to pick locks at the 2nd room and that requires 41. Can't do
  7. ErickHo takin the blame all the time Love your script m8 You should create your own public osrs botting site at the level you're at. I think you know this game better than anyone knows.
  8. still botting with it?
  9. jw, did u get banned with it?
  10. if you 24/7, you can get banned with this one. although he probably didn't 24/7, most bans are manual. if botwatch's automated system caught it, more bans would happen regularly like al lthe other shit scripts out there. script with shit script, ban next day or monday. 24/7 with this one, jagex's regular, manual sweeps will catch you. regardless, you just got 99 def but ur sig says u've only got like 34k def xp wut lol
  11. Shit happens kid. Maybe you should reevaluate your expectations coming from a botting site. Additionally, i don't need your request to address your slanted spam.
  12. you missed the point lul, gj
  13. Same. I had accidently trained atk once out of the 300m xp Ive gotten from using this script. The explanation is that we are more than likely at fault OR some odd anomaly that RARELY occurs. In short: Suck it up. ErickHo owes no explanation. This isnt customer service youre dealing with, its a botting site that isnt 100% perfect like your all-wise, all-knowing ass is. Quit bitching With love, Boatsb4hose