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  1. Rogue's Den Safe Cracker By RuniteRocks Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?id=175 - Optimized safe cracking speed - Model clicking Features: Supports all the safes, choose the spot you want to use. Deathwalking, climbs stairs, opens doors and trapdoors on its way back. Games necklace support Stethoscope support. Choose what HP you want to eat. Choose what food you want to use and amount. Easy to use GUI. Slick and informative paint. Anti-ban.
  2. I'm looking for a paint! If your interested pm me! Find a house with g altar in '07 altar' cc Borrowing an account with gilded altar, marrentills, and mounted glory in their house. PM me. GildedAltarPro - Banks/Join Houses/Unlit Detection Run Tribot in Lite Mode (File -> Settings) Put bones top row of bank. Add script to repo https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?id=120 What was updated - - Minor bug fixes - Antiban - Little to no stops while walking - Realistic pathing - Faster overall - Will now search for which way the altar is facing - Accurate model clicking (altar, portals, banks) - Ctrl running to save time - Uses deposit button - Fixed banking not withdrawing bones - Will no longer walk behind a altar - Tweaks to look less bot-like The code is pretty simple because I wrote this back in April. This is similar to my GildedAltarAssist except this includes banking and has the ability to joins other players' houses, it also conserve run energy and turns run on when your banking and turns it back off when you have Dragon bones. Features: - Banking Supported - Joins Houses - Conserves Run Energy For Efficiency - Custom mouse speed - V1.1: Unlit detection V1.3 fixed portal exit V1.4 - Supports different types of bones Pictures:
  3. Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?id=161 Drinks prayer pots when less than half your prayer level. Randoms are disabled so it doesn't interfere with script. Updated: Drinks super atts, strs, overloads
  4. Let me know if you need help! You can PM & post on my feed!

    1. YoHoJo


      Runite Rox Plz H4lp!

    2. f e a r r2h

      f e a r r2h

      Need help with waterbirth!! stopped working, cant find script anywhere, thank you

  5. Glory running is tedious. But now you can hire a slave to do it for you! gloryslave Add script https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?id=291 How to use Watch the video for setup 2 min Video (200k profit in 7 mins realtime) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDQhFqhy8aQ Features - Charges glorys - Optional: Fully-compatible with glory charge sellers (insert there names in box) Proggies Used the slave for 4 hours, made 554k/hr selling glory charges on w2, selling was done legit but you barely have to do anything.
  6. RellekkaCrabsPro is updated!

  7. JadHelper - v0.1 Shows what attack Jad is using and what prayers you need to use. Only depend on the script when the Jad is visible on your screen and is attack able by you! Download: http://up.ht/1cQot1d Source code: http://pastebin.com/cLpnKgws I'm going to start writing a script that does Fight Caves from Waves 1-63. This is going to be the base for that script. Don't expect me to finish anytime soon as it's going to be a long-term project. Currently I need: An account with high stats 80+ range/50+ prayer, and good armor for tanking (barrows).
  8. use a credit card/debit, Trilez fucked up big time for not accepting paypal
  9. SUMMER SALE 50% OFF for RuniteWaterbirthCrabs. $10.00 -> $4.99 You do not need Tribot VIP to run this script Buy This Script Now For 50% OFF $10.00 -> $4.99 You'll receive the script automatically after purchasing Why choose RuniteWaterbirthCrabs over other rock crabs/experiments/tzhaar training scripts? This script offers over 4 different unique training spots in one single script with a maximum 60K+ Xp/hr. This script offer the lowest ban rate compared to other training areas such as bandits, experiments or ghouls because it's the only Waterbirth island script in the market. RuniteWaterbirthCrabs will help you achieve your goals as a pure, main, obby mauler, and other various builds in just weeks compared to months! So why look for an alternative script? Requirements: - None, 1 def pures can use this script! Leave 1k, tabs, food in bank or inventory and run script. Features: (ABCL 10) Anti-Ban Compliance Level 10 Scripts speed is on-par with a real player to deal with crashers. No babysitting needed New optional world hop method that hops when other players are in your spot. Potion support Selectable Paint New paint, better pathing system. Added a looting phase, loots every 40 seconds (customizable). Supports arrays of insertable arrows and knife ids (pun intended), fixed item depositing to work and fixed minor bugs for spots. - Supports all 4 rock crab spots on Waterbirth - The most complex Rock crab bot yet - Tabbing, Banking from Camelot to Waterbirth (Leave Camelot/Coins in inventory! Food first slot, cammy tabs second slot, coins third slot in bank) - Automatically hops worlds if your spot is presumably taken. - Looks for wandering crabs - Runs from aggressive Randoms - Deathwalking. If you happen to die from a rare random event, the bot equips 3 items kept on death, banks, and goes right back on track! - Kills rock crabs in your spot - Detects aggressiveness from mobs - Fights perfectly for hours and hours on - Eating - Ranged support picks up arrows/knives - Solid script - 3 accs per auth Pictures: Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/4745-50-off499-144hr-proggy-60kxphr-runitewaterbirthcrabs-all-4-spots-spot-crasher-worldhop/
  10. Lets see how this goes!
  11. Omg you can get banned?
  12. yep. buy each one on 3 diff accs
  13. Rock crabs is definitely safe enough for 70/70/70.
  14. Filters are too helpful Thanks for the great update trilez
  15. No, but all my scripts are ABCL10
  16. Yeah good luck getting 47k xp/hr for 8 days straight with breaks going on
  17. Rellekka crabs pro has the longest runtime ever recorded
  18. Pest control is not recommended since you don't gain hp xp
  19. you can try chaos druids but its not going to be as good xp as rock crabs
  20. no idea wait a bit then try again.
  21. thats just overkill
  22. Get Rellekka
  23. you try checkout as guest with debit card on paypal?
  24. damn i can almost feel it