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RuniteRocks last won the day on October 14 2013

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  1. it wont let me purchase your script says you have not followed compliance regards to support, can you fix this so i can purchase.

  2. Let me know if you need help! You can PM & post on my feed!

    1. YoHoJo


      Runite Rox Plz H4lp!

    2. f e a r r2h

      f e a r r2h

      Need help with waterbirth!! stopped working, cant find script anywhere, thank you

  3. RellekkaCrabsPro is updated!

  4. Hey can you please pm me? Its about your old glory charging script. thank you.

  5. check pms please and ty.

  6. Hey man I bought this script a while back on my old computer and now I started playing again and was wondering on how i can get it back?

  7. RuniteRocks

    New Repository Payment Methods

    Lets see how this goes!
  8. Hey, ide just like to say thanks so much for your script because honestly it is the best out there. Your not going to see a better script than this. Keep up the awesome work because you deserve every penny you get.

    1. RuniteRocks
    2. RuniteRocks


      turn your pms on so i can send you break settings

    3. dro


      sorry about that. its on now.

  9. RuniteRocks

    TRiBot Release 9.134_0

    Filters are too helpful Thanks for the great update trilez
  10. No, but all my scripts are ABCL10
  11. RuniteRocks

    What are best premium and non premium scripts?

    Yeah good luck getting 47k xp/hr for 8 days straight with breaks going on
  12. RuniteRocks

    What are best premium and non premium scripts?

    Rellekka crabs pro has the longest runtime ever recorded