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  1. At first it waits for run energy, but even when the energy is at 50% it stays there idle with the "going to tombstone". More information about the bug about finding book, it gets stuck here: http://gyazo.com/055be5ba5b1bee7cae7262355b4d8c4f
  2. BUG REPORT Name of quest: Waterfall Picture of entire screen (rs window and bot debug): http://gyazo.com/4c7105f552e6e4d1297ed3b77e950c42 Detailed description of bug: The bot gets stuck attempting to go into the tombstone. It doesn't click on the pebble then on the tombstone. It just stands there.
  3. I asked for EITHER "Support" which was promised OR a refund. Also, this isn't something that's a physical matter so your comparison does not make sense. I have already PM'd you my new skype and added you on it so we can work this out. Because of the time that has passed, I can assume that this script isn't working fully due to some minor RuneScape updates. I would like this thread not to be closed until I am unable to get my hands on the script and get him to fix all the bugs/glitches that occur.
  4. @The Black Tux Another 24 hours has passed.
  5. Please refer to previous dispute where Leespiker had refused to provide support when lifetime supports/updates were promised for the private script. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36019-script-dispute-against-leespiker-for-private-script/#entry435891 I have lost the script due to reimaging my computer, and would like a copy of it back. Also this script has not been updated for a while so I'm expecting many bugs with it. I contacted leespiker via PM and Skype on many occasions where he did not respond. Original PM asking for script was on Sent 22 November 2014 It's quite simple, he should send me $87.84 back or provide me with the support he promised. Thanks for your help!
  6. Online - Looking for bulk 07/osrs gold sellers (paying high rates) Skype: RSBlue07
  7. Online - Looking for bulk 07/osrs gold sellers (paying high rates) Skype: RSBlue07
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