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  1. This is the most well made script I've used since RSbuddys dungeoneering script in like 2010. Well done, as well as this operates i'm just curious when your inferno bot is coming lol.
  2. Anyone know why when you click on the game via looking glass the cursor clicks far to the left of where you actually click? Happens in script too.
  3. Ok so.. feedback from my first day using this bot in quite some time. It literally hops worlds more often than anything else, you need to make it so the bot can tell who is a pker and who isnt without only using a skull as an indentifier because people skull to kill the revs. It tries to run and teleport when attacked, which is good but when I watch a noob with a msb kill me because the bot isn't smart enough to eat a shark whilst running south it's kind of frustraiting, should never die like this. would it kill you to have it put on prot range? or something when attacked. Why does it fill the bracelet with 150 ether? it's way to much for most accounts.. it auto refils when killing them. just some thoughts.
  4. Btw bot is really good was just posting the ban length for anyone curious.
  5. Just received a 2 day ban after suiciding this bot since buying it, read signature for info on what it was able to do before the ban.
  6. What is the general idea behind this, is it fresh accounts straight to a money maker that get inta permed? or anything "gold farming" related? Or do fresh accounts get hit perm botting anything whilst longer term accounts get the 2 day? what's the general conscencious?
  7. Do like the script, not sure it's been worth it for the account i'm running it on tho because of low stats, however can anyone with a lot of experience with this bot tell me if you've ever been banned from this bot? i'm curious would a 2+year old account with no previous bans for botting and has only used this script get a 2 day or perm on first go? thanks do like the bot
  8. If you could add support for rebuying potions/food at g.e that'd be swell.
  9. I've been using now for 2 days. Questions for developer Why does it randomly get stuck on top of a mound after killing like 3 brothers, stands there for up to 20 minutes without doing anything. It also will go into a crypt and wait like 20-30 seconds to start fighting which just waste pray points. good bot, but i've not been able to keep it going stable for more than 2 hours.
  10. Account keeps getting stuck after killing like 2 brothers just stands on hill and status says deathwalking lol
  11. Any long time users got any info on ban rates at barrows? seems like it would be low but just trying to get an idea before purchasing a bot that requires building accounts for.
  12. How u feel about this beign done on a 1 def pure with 43 prawy 75 magic 75 range?
  13. So theres a ton of issues right now, I did get a sceptre drop using the bot off an imp tho. anyway: 1. sometimes it will teleport to clan wars, re-equip ring of wealth, then instantly put duel ring back on only to teleport to clan wars again (it did this one time when I was away and used like 25 duel rings and stopped working 2. doesn't always withdraw arrows, will just take 1 instead of the amt put in. 3. dont eat whilst running from pkers, dies.
  14. Started script at bank (clan wars) the status rapidly changes from Antiban to Using burning amulet, anyway i teleported myself script killed revs til it hit my loot threshold, ran down to bottom of cave and then started doing the antiban thing again, basically it just wont teleport/bank
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