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  1. Why were you boxing with a 40% win chance?
  2. Thank you very much for your insight. I will look into making a good account for staking and using that one instead though. I've "gotten lucky" and went from like 100m to 850m in a few hours only to lose it all later because of my greedy ass and 50/50 chances. I'll keep doing zulrah (1700 KC so kinda tired of it) and maybe a bit of merching/PvMing and create that staking account on the side. I'll read all of your posts to inform myself better. Thank you very much again for the detailed responses and explanations, helped me learn a lot!
  3. I see, thank you for your explanation. What would your personal advice be for a maxed main with like 50m bank who would like to get to 100m only but "safely"? I don't mind low gp/h, I just want to make a few mills to buy some gear without the risk of losing my entire bank.
  4. What about betting/staking on 50/50 odds? How would you go about doing bankroll management on same win chance odds?
  5. I meant never botting 7 hours a day or more. I bot at max 4 hours a skills and always switch it up with legit play, maybe it had something to do with the zulrah bots ban wave
  6. Got a 2 day ban using premium scripts and LG. Never more than 7 hours a day. Might be the fact I used a free firemaking script for a few hours maybe.
  7. Bump this awesome thread
  8. Can't you change the way it works or have a setting for it? I wouldn't like to cahnge my screen DPI for everything I use just for 1 script.
  9. I'm powermining iron with 60 mining and I'm getting 15k xp/h with the default antiban settings. Isn't this low considering with perfect efficiency you get around 52k xp/h? Maybe it should be getting 30-40k xp/h
  10. mormaii

    Pin fail

    I set up the bot and come back to it having to wait 7 minutes because of the amount of failed attemps....wtf?
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