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  1. Start the script at the dragons, this will fix the problem.
  2. I imagine this will be one of the more prestigious scripts on tribot.
  3. I experienced lagg on the script as well when I owned a toaster. Now I have a badass pc and it runs with 0 lagg along with 6 other clients.
  4. You obviously have just started using this script. This rare hunter DOES NOT run off of NPC Ids/Item Ids. It's all based off names. Like you said others have it, but they only switched to that because Word switched to it first. Give the man some credit.
  5. Dozed off for a while and come back to find it training attack? Luckily I had woken up before it trained past 61. But it seems to have a problem with dba, not only did it do that but I often find it standing there at the monsters doing nothing because it banked the dba and didn't withdraw it.
  6. Willing to share my method for fixing firewall prompts for unlisted locations. I will only give if I know you actually have an unlisted spot due to past occurrences on this thread
  7. You should share the spot with me since you agree with me , but anyways does anyone know how to make the firewall connections stop, I've allowed always the same ip address like Atleast 4 times, turned my firewall off and it's still doing it every few world hops.
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