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  1. http://prntscr.com/ku0p3v can you tell me what this is haha? scared to click on it
  2. when im thieving anywhere and i select cake as food option is scrolls to the bottom of my bank to get chocolate cakes, im also an iron so i need those chocolate cakes lol. anyway to make it take regular cakes over chocolate?
  3. oh okay i thought the client restart fixed it ;D thanks very much!
  4. so i changed method to cook and drop and restarted client and now its working perfectly
  5. so im trying to use the bot to fish at barb village for a few levels of fly fishing, i select trout or salmon (you cant select both) i start with a rod and feathers by the fishing spot. it then runs to bank and gets my regular fishing rod and more feathers and then tries to fish with a regular rod and then just sits there.
  6. will this bot buy wines from the bartender for food as well? and has anyone noticed if the bugs for blackjacking are fixed
  7. texan im having problems its tradining say (NMZ Life) and giving it 20k then the option to accept (6000) coins but then it just trades him again, and agian and agian and says scammed by player nmz life... idk whats going on ;\
  8. my script is not even starting anymore, just stays at downloading forever... anyone have this proiblem
  9. once i click start script, it says downloading blah blah blah and it takes literaly 2 mins to appear. anyone else having this problem?
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