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    Bass head from michigan, love runescape n subwoofers + hairtricks! Looking to meet other people here who like the same!

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  1. yup its true ive been banned using this mutiple times, wayyy faster then any average premium script. It does need a little work imo. good script er tho, hes the man! just needs to update this ones antiban...but it might be due to getting stuck, and or just completely acting like a malfunctioning bot lol.
  2. agreed the system is fucked up and trilez needs to fix it for real. been quite some time Paypal doesnt even work...it keep saying fruadulent payment even with my paypal option choosen... none of the op[ions work for me...not strpe not paypal none of it.... my onllllly way to get credits is via yohojo :-(
  3. pleaseeeeee update this script to abcl2 I will even pay extra $2 for the script!!! please3
  5. Looking for a list of premium scripts with abcl2 implementation...lmk
  6. I just baught a sock5 proxy from montreal and the proxy has a set password and username... google or firefox do not support those kind of proxies...so its aways a failed connection... I need to use my proxy to make my runescape email and runescape acount along with botting on the proxy.... but how...what am i missing here?
  7. Its just ive never had any luck with proxies personally...Ive ran proxies over and over with different methods and it never pays off....Hoping to gain some insight :-(
  8. still though....at this point it would be pointless cuz i already made the accts on my home ip... right? orr no?
  9. big fan of the aminer script add alot of anti ban itself and has abc2 or what ever... but for somereason no matter what i do i cannot run more than 3-4 accounts......the second i go over 4 I get banned on all 5....i can bot 4 accounts for months but the second i add +1 or + anything...I get banned... Im hoping by having a custom private script i will be able to bot 4+? maybe....idk...dreaming i guess.... Its just, I got laid off work, and my babys mother is a bad mom, trying to keep this house over my sons head....but bills are winning...I need to do SOMTHING...hoping to make a lil cash on the side here.....
  10. Looking to pay someone osrs gp or via paypal... wanting to make a script that has very unique anti bann wanting to run a miner that can do a couple tasks with its own unique playing style, and decent antibann looking for someone who can start asap and also give me some answers to a couple questions...
  11. Looking to have heros quest done for me all skills already done for quest... quests i have already done.... waterfall q, restless ghost lost city, cooks asistant sheep shearer rune myteries tree gnome village grand tree witches house demon slayer how much will you charge me for this quest to be completed under the term and conditions above... looking to pay osrs gp, hoping for a fairly good price.
  12. anyone looking to make a costom miner that has alright enough speed but with massive antiban methods, somthing unique i can run 10-15+ accounts for 6-8 hours a day each! lmk
  13. Thankyou for not bashing Final Caliber, but i dont understand why vpns do not work for me.... let me explain...maybe im doing somthing wrong...maybe.... I was running 4 accounts on my main ip, as i always do sucessfully... the very day i decide to use a vpn..Make the accounts ON the vpn...not my home ip....and run proxies on each account....correctly...i know how to use a proxy. I still get banned the next day on the 4 new accounts....but my first 4 dont get banned...They have been before "long time ago"...but usually dont I know how to bot sucessfully and safly...my 4 main ip accounts never get banned...inless i try running a vpn and jagex see's somhow im running more then 4 accounts.... By any chance could you maybe pm me the method? I would pay u dude...
  14. iIve used my method more than once...it DOES work...try it...I guarantee it will work, i even went back home and tried the account on my home ip that had the login banns set...the account got banned....and not banned at Mcdonalds...Or anyother place for that matter....ive had a few people already pm me saying thankyou, because it works! just trying to help.