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  1. Nope i did it on a 10 year old account. Banned within 5 hours of non-stop botting. Don't do it. It's not worth it...
  2. Hahaha
  3. Agree, i got confused the first time too.
  4. It's working perfectly atm, really impressed by this so far. I have tried alot of G.E. flipping scripts, but non have delivered so far. This one seems great Edit: it even tells me my items suck haha... [19:15:30] ********* is a really bad item to merch with. Sell value lower than or equal to buy value.
  5. Fixed it. I forgot the capitals...
  6. I let the bot flip. Edit: the same thing happens when i use fixes prices.
  7. Bug: - When searching an item the bot enters the given name of the item, finds it, and then clicks the Back button in the G.E. Tried it with many items, and it happens every time. So i couldn't check anything else.
  8. I'm not getting any. Tried it on my VPS, but didn't work there either.
  9. Gets stuck on downloading the script when attempting to start it: [16:03:41] Downloading script 'xMercher BETA'.
  10. Finally, i'm going to contact you via skype with every bug i can find. Thanks for this!
  11. Immediately ended working after it aborted my already set offer.
  12. True facts? Based on?...
  13. Still waiting for this....
  14. I'm gonna test it for you as soon as i can.