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  1. Pop me a PM. Thanks. Going for 99 craft.
  2. Also remember that nobody decent goes to the gym to judge other people. Everyone there is there to better himself.
  3. I'm in high school and I'm able to do these. If you can't do them, drop the class or get help from your professor.
  4. The judicial branch doesn't enforce the law.
  5. Send him your account details if you have medium clues, or record yourself doing it so he can get ids etc. No, you need def/range for some of the clues.
  6. If you're even thinking about nuking them you're probably borderline retarded.
  7. You're retarded if you think you can nuke whoever offends you. Don't get me wrong, the ISIS is atrocious and should be removed, but why are you assuming everyone in Syria/Afghanistan/Iraq is part of the ISIS? We're not at war with those countries. If you nuked the Middle east, you would wipe out huge civilian populations and affect future generations permanently. I hope you never get enough power to make decisions with this kind of gravity. Believe it or not, there is more intelligence than you think that goes into air strikes. We are talking multimillion dollar operations. They don't send out F22s, F16s and B2s and tell them to drop bombs wherever it looks like there's baddies. These kinds of operations need extensive amounts of surveillance and nearly guaranteed certainty that there would be little to no collateral damage.
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