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  1. Go to prayer tab and select which things you want it to use pray on
  2. Send him your account details if you have medium clues, or record yourself doing it so he can get ids etc. No, you need def/range for some of the clues.
  3. No, you don't have to be VIP to run ONE bot. And the script you're using has to be a premium script. Also, not sure why you're confused: " Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $14.99 / 8.33m https://tribot.org/r...p/script/id/619 Lifetime (One account/auth) $29.99 / 16.67m https://tribot.org/r...p/script/id/620 " The wording is pretty clear. If you did buy the monthly version to run unlimited accounts, you need to buy VIP so the client lets you do so.
  4. This one here. I've used it since it was in development and it's been updated frequently and well for the entirety of its creation. Not to mention it's extremely fast. If I rc legit I can only go marginally faster.
  5. posting to save page and think about purchase later
  6. I find that hard to believe. Can you post a picture of your loot table?
  7. Unique

    TRiBot Release 9.200_0

    Can I recommend that the bot NOT check the music tab? I don't know anybody who actually uses the music actively.
  8. Unique

    Abyss runecrafting

    I'd wait a bit... I heard Erickho123 is a good scripter
  9. They're not good XP lol. Mithril dragons are usually just for the people that who were going to camp them anyway and wanted the slayer helmet's bonuses. Same with aviansies. Most people want to use the slayer helm's effect on Arma boss
  10. Unique

    best bot for combat?