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  1. is this script worth of buying? how long runs does it usually do? not going 2 buy if its shitty as assumes gdk was
  2. logging in to tribot with 2 accounts and got instantly banned when banking. WTF
  3. yo guys how i should use break system? 2 accounts per world at same spot, 1 hour running/ 1 hour break per account?
  4. i heard that jagex change almost everything lol i hope trilez is not slackin
  5. ban rate of this bot has raised ridicously high in a week
  6. sold 40m to this guy, trade went smooth, quick and easy. will definetly use again. +++++
  7. i think fishing spots ID's changed after todays update, my bots cant recognize the spot. I hope it will be fixed soon!
  8. Testin atm. and i dont understand why this bot is not doing anything, just standing at dock. trying 2 fish sharks at fishing guild
  9. testing now, if i get good proggy i send pic here. this script sucks, crashed after 30mins when fishing lobs and doesnt even start when trying to fish sharks, just moving around on southside of fishing spots
  10. price was higher than i expected (3.9m). overall good and quick service you dont have 2 wait 10min for answer like u have to do with some vendors! Hope we do business in future again.
  11. mines tunnel script too.