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  1. @Worthy is it worth it to use vengeance with this both at Zulrah? I never did it but im considering to. Does anyone have experience on that? Please quote me or @ thanks
  2. ilikeit

    Buy 33 Credits

    Buying for 1,2m ea - trusted only
  3. Been using this script for about 2 weeks worked flawlessly running 30+ kills without a single death, however last few days I've been getting like 10-15 deaths for every 30 is kills, (same settings, as before) anything new/ updated happend? Or any potential tips?
  4. have you every, successfully done a working setup?
  5. Hello, I'm wondering if there is any guides for setting up Tribot on a dedi linux vps - for noobs. Thanks.
  6. Im botting on a acc with 2 day ban, so far 1 week, botting zulrah, and no problem. I dont suicide bot tho.
  7. Paying via 07 gp - need fast pls pm. or quote
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