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  1. Jagex is a shit company that pays shit salaries, plus I'm not on that side of the globe.
  2. Well our company doesn't ban all bots in the same wave to encourage long standing members to keep paying. We do have salaries to pay..
  3. There are actually a finite amount of solutions to bots. You just have to be more intelligent than their mediocre team of developers.
  4. If we get enough people to gather data, accurate data, from long term existing members that are trustworthy to give proper information I'm sure I can theorize a 90-95% accurate way in which they detect. I'm off to work for now, but if someone wants to make a thread with any knowledge I've fed through this thread and shoot me a message letting me know the status, we could get to the bottom of this. I know they don't have one central method, but a combination of several. We should be able to theorize this soon if the aforementioned takes place.
  5. If we were to poll on scenarios as well, it's safe to say that someone from Jagex is actively watching this conversation and would have their team skew polls to make the answer a non-obvious solution.
  6. It's also safe to assume they have an insider here finding flaws in the scripts for which they ban. A mock process would be: 1.Find top populated, highly profitable areas 2.Find the most popular script 3.Use script, expose dead giveaways 4.Find accounts that have been reported and/or puring this skill 5.Expose account to giveaway 6.100% guarantee they are bots if said occurrence happens 100% of the time. 7.Rinse and repeat The problem the community needs to solve is how they do it. Obviously IP of the account post creation isn't the only way of detection.
  7. I'm a developer for a fairly large company, so I can theorize ways in which they do it. It's obvious that they have some method of association between accounts or all wouldn't be banned at once. Obviously we are going to have to play through tutorial island on the same computer (our main computer) because navigating a remote client is a pain in the ass, as we all know it is. They may have a database that logs all IPs logged in from characters and compare them to find a central. Also the scarier of the scenarios would be if they had a link between dropped gold/items, or traded gold/items to accounts, finding the common link between you and your gold mule. We should poll up the first scenario first to see if this is the case before we jump to conclusion 2.
  8. Hmm. Accounts created with same IP?
  9. Method of payment association?
  10. Or hotkey menu navigation/injection. I use an autoIT script to navigate my clients remotely already. Had screenshots sending via email, but conceptually this would work just as well if there were dedicated injection ports. Also if this could implement the use of local email to external email, things would be nicely robust
  11. The problem with catherby is the antiban. Constantly making you walk to places you shouldn't. Not sure if it's an issue with an improper report to the GUI or if it's genuinely looking for a spot and can't find it. The character will stop fishing to continue walking. Perhaps it's an issue with the resolution of character status, ie. fishing, walking, etc.