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  1. imsotank

    Help me

    try volumedrive
  2. Works well apart from when it tries to buy potions, it spam trades the seller meaning it takes a while for the bot to buy pots
  3. Just to confirm before I consider purchasing, can the bot teleport to my house using runes, leave my house, enter another users house, offer bones and then teleport back to edgeville using their mounted glory?
  4. Fired up the script after a little while today and it keeps logging out after random events
  5. Vouch for this script, gained about 25M combat xp from it, here's the final loot. (I only started to collect black knives for the final 10m xp)
  6. Hey there's a rare bug where if you disconnect fighting cyclopses and you log back in with less than 100 tokens the script will continually try and re-enter the cyclops room, but it cannot as a minimum number of 100 tokens are required
  7. Looks great JJ. Just a suggestion though, instead of having the ignore low he thing why not add a slider for what % the user wants to eat food at?
  8. I use it for xp because it's very stable That proggy was with 99 str and 93 attack and very average gear I was training attack at the time and the individual skill xp/hr is approximately 75% of the total xp/hr (I think) => Attack xp = 77,000 * 0.75 = 57,750 This could easily be over 65k xp/hr with better gear
  9. Purchased yesterday and i't's been great. Only a slight issue in that I sometimes come back to check on the bot and it's in the middle of nowhere, are all randoms not fully supported as of currently?
  10. Edit: Got to 99 strength using this script. Massive vouch
  11. Those above wondering why the script doesn't work read this
  12. This script needs better handling for aggressive monsters, when attacked by an aggressive monster it keeps trying to fight other monsters
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