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  1. no account limitation, and the script is still being coded. should have first testing within 3 days.
  2. Im going to release it for free how about [email protected] And 3 noobs taking the time of 1 month to make all gardens + some running? XD the reason were taking so long is because we will not release it until it is flawless, your "free versions" if you even have them are probably very flawed and cannot run for more than 12 hours.
  3. Me and 3 other scripters are working on a Flawless sorceress garden Script. It is in Development right now, but will be released within a month. Features -Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall garden support -Fully customizable GUI -Free updates -Up to 300k/ Hr -3k Farming xp/hr potential. -Working random support, including all talking, puzzle, and run from combat randoms. GUI - Decide which herbs you want to keep and which you want to drop based on herb ID. -Chose to do which garden you want based on your level. Payment -I will be selling the script in 3 stages: pre-order, Beta, and Final. -Pre-order: $15 or 2m Old school GP -Beta $25 or 4m Old school GP -Final $30 or 5m Old school GP Pre-order: Pm me For the email for paypal, or for rsgp orders pm me your skype and i will add you to set up a time and place to meet. TOS - I have the right to change Old School GP prices at any time depending on the gold price rate. - I have the right to deny the sale to any person. - I have the right to limit sales. - By contacting me you agree to the TOS.
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